Living the dangerous life

Yesterday, there was a huge noise outside, in the garden. It happened suddenly. Crash!

A big branch from one of the trees next to our house fell from the tree (there was some wind, true, but I think the tree is partially rotten where it broke). Thank Ceiling Cat none of us furry bro or furry humans where under the branch when it fell! I was actually inside the home but my brothers were outside.

Well, the good thing is, we have a new, real life, giant cat tree in the garden to play on!

Let’s go play!

Wow… looks like the tree was indeed rotten inside…

Let’s explore!

Let’s see what Milou is doing…

Exploring too!

Nice place to hide too!

Now let’s play! If you’ll excuse me…

5 thoughts on “Living the dangerous life

  1. That branch looks like loads of fun! Since I can’t go outdoors, the only way I could have one of those would be if one fell into the house… and I do NOT think my human would like that!

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