Don’t give up on finding your lost furry friend

Here are two nice stories of lost and found furriends. Makes me feel like purring =^:^=

Cat missing for 3 years reunited with owner in NH

Amie Donnelly thought her cat had died more than three years ago in a New Hampshire ice storm. But the black-and-white cat was too tough for that.

Ten months and 200 kilometres later, Montreal cat reunited with its owner

Ten months after scouring her Montreal neighbourhood for her beloved cat, Suki, Marie-Claude Cuerrier was pleasantly shocked to see the lost long-haired tabby staring up at her from a glass cage in an Ottawa pet store.

The cat with big green eyes had been renamed Joy.

“I immediately knew it was her, but I thought, ‘This is unreal. The staff is going to think I’m nuts,’” Cuerrier recalled. “I was already crying.”

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