Purrs for a furriend from France

When I left France, I left some furry and human friends behind.

Here is Fripouille (which means something like “little monkey” in French), a neighbor. I wonder if she misses me. I do miss her sometimes, but then I remember I live with Grouik and Milou now, and I have to make sure neither Grouik nor Milou are eating my food, so I forget about Fripouille…

Thanks to my human friend Janina for the pics and purrs to Fripouille! And to Janina!

2 thoughts on “Purrs for a furriend from France

  1. Hi, Texas! You can be sure that Fripouille misses you because every time I meet her she follows me to my door talking to me all the time. Unfortunately I am not able to understand her language, I just feel that she is sad and sometimes angry. I’ll show her your post, I guess that she will be happy and proud to have an American furriend !! Thank you for your purrs! I send you a lot of hugs to you and your Human! :-) With love. Janina

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