Cats are not dolls

On the Internet, I came across many horror stories about humans dressing their cats as if they were humans or worse, some kind of dolls. The trend seems to be to put so-called hats on the heads of furry friends, stuff like that:

That’s enough! We are not dolls!

My human never tried that. She knows better and cares about her hands and arms! But I also know that she understand I am not her toy.
If my human ever tries to put a “hat” on me, that’s not her arm she is going to lose.

I have to ask the question: do you really think your furriend enjoys and feels comfortable wearing this? Or is it the human who really likes it and who wants some funny photo shoots?

Then I saw this. At first, I was happy for Iemon and thought he could be proud:

Meet Iemon (Ee-eh-mon), Japan’s first police cat, an abandoned stray who unofficially joined the force at the tender age of two weeks. He now spends much of his time atop the service counter at Yoro Station, adding a kinder, gentler, dare we say “human” touch to the local cop shop.

And then…

For the most part, Iemon’s function appears to be skewed more towards public relations than private detectives. He enjoys visits from children and looks reasonably impressive in his custom-made policeman’s uniform topped with a cap bearing a paw-print badge. Those with felonious intent should not take this feline lightly, though, as he hasn’t been de-clawed and has a low tolerance for jailbirds.

How do you want Iemon to be taken seriously while looking like that?

Hopefully the humans won’t come complaining that we bite and scratch after they do this to us. Next time maybe they’ll think before trying to dress us. We will get our revenge, anyway.

8 thoughts on “Cats are not dolls

  1. This is nothing compared to the woman who tattooed her cat. I was sickened by that.

    I do not dress my cats. Not because they would tear me apart, but because they are animals, not humans. My cats would probably let me, but I would not ask it of them.

    I did place my daughters Santa hat on my cat’s head for a Christmas picture, but took it off just as quickly once I took the shot.

    My cats are my babies, but I treat them with respect and love. The way I wish others around the world treated cats.

    • Dear Denise,

      This tattoo story is horrible indeed! Like I said, we cats are not objects. Humans who do that should buy a cat plush toy instead of a real living cat.

      Thank you for your concern and respect for cats. I send many purrs your way =^.^=

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  3. Oddly, some cats enjoy dressing up. Two blogging cats I can think of off the top of my head are Daisy the Curly Cat and Domino from Wendy’s 3-D Cats. Most everykitty else I’ve seen wearing clothes… not so much. My human has been known to put an outfit or hat on me, but she means it to be ironic. Which means my subsequent shunning of her is meant to be ironic too.

    • Well, I have no problem if you do like it or if you don’t mind, but I just think some humans are being disrespectful when they do that because in the end they don’t really care about the cat’s liking it or not.
      I wouldn’t let any human try this on me though. Well, okay, maybe I’d tolerate my human doing this, but not too long.

  4. Well, I would never allow my peeps to put clothing on me, nor would they even think of it…Mom has her dolls from when she was a kid…if she wants to play dress up she can go get a doll and do it…I don’t like to see it on cats OR dogs…and to think that any human can truly KNOW if a cat or dog “likes” it is ridiculous…no dog or cat would willingly go find clothes and put them on…they tolerate it, they don’t “like” it. IMHO

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