Furry friends heroes of the week: firefighters!

In Neuchâtel, Switzerland, firefighters saved a furriend that was stuck on a roof. Check it out:

Visibly . . . the cat got out of an apartment through a skylight window, and slipped on the roof, to end up in a gutter in which she was stuck.

Passers-by realized the cat was in distress when they heard her meow very loudly.

The firefighters, called by these same passers-by, arrived very rapidly.

And here is a picture.

More here.

Plenty of purrs to the firefighters!

9 thoughts on “Furry friends heroes of the week: firefighters!

  1. WOW…scary….wonder if her “wandering” days are over after THAT experience! Hugs and kisses for the firefighters and their willingness to help her out of a very tough spot!

    Kitty Hugs, Sam

    • You know what? When I was adopted, my human’s husband – then boyfriend – lived at the top of a 7-floor building in Paris, just under the roof. Well, Milou and Grouik used to go out on the roof and sometimes even fought on the gutter. My human was scared to death for them and imposed a closed-window policy to her boyfriend when I was around.

      • Sounds like Milou and Grouik like living on the wild side (or roof as the case may be) – they’re lucky they didn’t fall – the closed-window policy seems like a good choice when you’re at the top of a 7-floor building! EEEK!


        • Milou lost a life or two in Ireland when he fell from the 5th floor of my human’s apartment building. My human and her husband think he wanted to catch a leprechaun. The vet said the fat saved him.
          No I haven’t tasted that tequila, that’s a true story (although I’m not sure about the leprechaun).

          • Fifth floor! Wow….Milou was indeed a lucky guy…..catching leprechauns is apparently a bit dangerous. My humans have been to Ireland on vacation and my Dad kissed the blarney stone but didn’t kiss any leprechauns. Tee Hee


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