10 thoughts on “Grouik the hunter: Another day another… chipmunk

  1. Sam used to catch these little guys in our backyard all the time in his younger days…never did kill one – we were always able to set them free again. “Chippies” are so darn cute! I like to think Sam just kept bringing them home because he wanted a pet – not because he wanted a meal. LOL


      • I’m glad you didn’t hurt the little thing……he looks a bit bewildered in the photo but who wouldn’t be after being captured and brought into a house?!?! I think chippies should be free to wander around and be adorable – which is something they do quite well!


  2. Well, the thing is that so is nature. We, cats, used to be free and undomesticated and we hunted to eat and survive. It is in our nature.

    I am not much of a hunter but Grouik is. I prefer to run after the little things not to catch them – they make good toys – but Grouik catches them and sometimes the humans are not there, if you know what I mean. But I think we cannot blame Grouik. Actually my humans congratulate him when he brings them one of them.

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