Amazing story: Construction crew saves kittens beneath concrete

Like I said, I like happy endings!

This home’s garage floor has a hollow-core concrete slab underneath it, with compartments like a honey-comb. The cat had apparently made its way into one of the segments before the garage floor was poured, 12 days earlier.

When workers realized where the cat was, they made plans to rescue the cat, because the alternative was just too grim.

Despite the cost of damages the rescue would cost, into the garage floor they went. As soon as the hole was big enough, the cat dashed away.

But there was another surprise waiting for them; several other sets of glowing eyes shined out of the darkness. It hadn’t been just one cat, but a mother and her litter of three kittens. The kittens were extremely malnourished, and the 12-day darkness left little Crete blind.

Read the entire story. There is also a video that I cannot copy here. Bravo to the workers for rescuing them! Purrs to them!

Welcome to the world, Crete! Purrs to you too!

18 thoughts on “Amazing story: Construction crew saves kittens beneath concrete

  1. aaaaaw poor kittens and poor cat mommy. I weally hope the other kitten is OK.

    My human mommy also wescued me from a hole in the concwete of a basement building where I was hiding so I know what it is to be cold and hungwy and scawed.

    They could never find my cat mommy or any other kittens awound. I hope my cat mommy is OK.

    Thanks for shawing the story, Texas.

  2. Hey Texas, Jet here.
    Our friend, Savannah, mentioned you when you bestowed the Sunshine Award on her. You could not have made a better choice. We’ve gotten to know Savvy over the last month or so and she’s a sweetheart who found the perfect forever home.
    Thanks for sharing such an inspiring story, Texas…
    Puffy and Fluffy, my feline brothers, are uber grateful the humans went through all that. They had 3 years of abuse before they met Mom and have enjoyed 10 years of princely life here.

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