The battle of the century: Milou vs. Texas

Alright. The title is a little exaggerated. Alright.

But as I stated before somewhere – I can’t remember where – Milou and I have had our funny moments but I always felt like he never really accepted me.

He’s okay to take my stuff but rarely to play with me. I know he is older than I am but still sometimes it does make me sad.

And sometimes, like the other night, it even comes to the point of a fight!

Milou is not happy with me wanting to play with him.

Me not happy with him hissing at me.

So who do you think won? What’s your guess? Look at valiant me!

15 thoughts on “The battle of the century: Milou vs. Texas

  1. Well Milou just doesn’t “get” that all you’re doing is trying to be companionable – NOT “take over” ……is Milou a lot older than you are? Old cats can be pretty grumpy sometimes – I ought to know since I’m twelve. :D :D :D Keep trying to play with him is MY vote – keeps him on his toes (well..claws).

    Kitty Hugs, Sam

  2. Yes, you’re looking very valiant, Texas.

    We have this situation in our household with our one year-old kitty Atticus (a tiny, tiny male kitty) and our big, bad female, Serafina. Serafina lets Atticus think he’s all big and tough, until she’s had enough of his crazy frolicking, and she knocks him across the room with one strike of her paw (he is THAT tiny, and she is THAT BIG, that one swipe is all it really takes when she is annoyed).

    Hang in there, Texas. Milou may come around to your charms yet. :-)

  3. Oh, your such a beautiful cat, Texas! And so valiant, too! Who could beat you? But, then again, I know how those older, grumpy cats can be.I can’t wait to find out who won.

  4. so hey buddy…here’s the deal…my OTRB sister, before me, her name was Tasha…well, Mom and Dad brought in an outdoor feral who was very tame by the time they did this…anyways, they brought in Popcorn (totally mellow dude I hear as he is also OTRB)…and for the 10+ years they lived together in the same house, Tasha NEVER stopped hissing and growling everytime Poppers came near her, or just into the same room…so good luck dude…but I am not so optimistic about the older guys caving in…in fact Tasha and Poppers were the same age…she just had not grown up with him…so be very, very, very careful my furriend…and keep holding your ground as the house belongs to both of you…just sayin…all IMHO..paw pats

  5. Oh Dog! We have those around here ALL THE TIME! June Buggie and his brother Bubba have lived together for 15 years (and since they were rescued together we think they were litter mates) and they never miss an opportunity to scrap.

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