Milou Vs. Texas: who won


Yep, furriends. You hear me. Neither Milou, nor me.

What happened? We were starting to fight on the tree inside the house. My human, she grabbed her camera to document how brave and valiant and a good fighter I was (she usually starts screaming our names to have us stop, which is very annoying). So for once, she reacted about correctly.

Her human, what did he do? Grabbed Milou to put him elsewhere and started playing hard with me. You want to play with them humans and they are busy but he chose this moment.

Pfft. I bet I would have won.

I am blasé.

12 thoughts on “Milou Vs. Texas: who won

  1. yo, Texas! My furriend! you are gonna be OK…stand your ground…respect the older guy…but don’t lose confidence…remember…I found MY VOICE…you find yours and use it…Milou is either scared, threatened, in pain or anxious…none is about you as a kitty….trust me…

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