I was grounded

Sorry my furriends, my human has been very busy the past days.

How was your day? Mine was so-so. I was grounded because the above of my right eye was a little red. It is itching too. My human thinks I am allergic to some plant outside (I had the same problem last year, and so had Milou to a lesser extent, but it went away just like it came… the vet said it might be an allergy) so I could not go outside today.

I successfully ran away twice because I’m just too quick for my human. But other than that, I had to stay inside. Played a little with my human, which was good. Napped a lot. Ate some food.

My human’s husband brought a paper bag tonight. I love paper bags! So I had some fun inside!

How was your day my furriends?

33 thoughts on “I was grounded

  1. I’m glad your eye got better. I’m suffering a lot from allergies too. They are no fun. You always take such beautiful pictures! Do you mid if I ask what camera you use?

    • True, they’re not fun.
      Thanks for the pictures! My human has a Sony Alpha 100. This pic was taken with this camera. But sometimes she also uses her small compact camera which is a Canon camera. Or her iPhone. Depending on how quickly she needs to take the pic ;-)

  2. Dude! how I miss going outside! I’ve been grounded since my humans and I moved to this new place back in January. I am not impressed!

    However, I do love to play with paper bags. Aren’t they awesome?

      • No, it’s that now we live in the fourth floor of an apartment building. We used to live in an apartment on the second floor of a house and my human always left the window open for me so I could some and go. I went out the window, onto the half slanted roof, then the tree and down to the ground. It was sweet!

        Or I could just hang out on the roof and chase the squirrels and birds. Just for fun. My human never liked me bringing them to her as presents. I never quite understood that part…

  3. Looks like a nice sturdy type paper bag Texas – that ought to last you a while! Sorry you’re “incarcerated” due to the allergy thing but hopefully it’s way better today…..hang in there dude.

    Kitty Hugs, Sam

  4. Inside is good too. Probably not as good as outside, but what can you do. Bags are a worthwhile consolation. –Bugs

    Have you “looked” (heheh) at http://vetericyn.com/ for the eye? Check out the eye salve or spray version . . . . We’re “looking” (o quit it) into this stuff; have asked vet but haven’t heard back yet; we have eye troubles too . . . . –Nadbugs The Bean

  5. Sorry to hear you were stuck inside cos of your allergies. Whee were stuck inside cos it kept raining so whee know how you feel! ;)

    By the way, nice paperbag.

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

  6. oie vay!!! my furriend! so sorry to learn you are stuck with allergies…I, so far, have none…but dude…can my MOM totally empathisize with you…she is wheezin’, snortin’, coughin’…wakes me up hackin’…MOL…actually…to be honest…her coughing scares me and I leave the room…another MOL

  7. Hi! We saw you over at Savannah’s and thought we would stop by. Sorry to hear bout your allergy. That can be so aggravating. We don’t get to go outside at all cause we have coyotes and such. Besides that, our Mom’s just a worrier. Happy Thursday from all us kittehz at Prancer Pie. – Prancer, Princess, Precious, and Princeton

    • Hiya Prancer, Princess, Precious, and Princeton,
      Thanks for stopping by! I asked my human to bookmark your blog too =^.^=
      My human is a worrier too. That’s why I am not allowed out at night.
      Nice meeting you furriends!

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