Choupette, human media, and cat world domination

Have you heard of Choupette, Karl Lagerfeld’s cat? I mentioned her once here.

She has been in the news these past weeks (Check for example here and here). I am very happy for Choupette. I must say that these humans that call themselves journalists are missing the whole story though.

The story being: a feline having his human do everything the feline wants him to do, how is this news?!

For example, take my first news link:

French model Baptiste Giabiconi asked Lagerfeld to babysit the feline for two weeks around Christmas, Lagerfeld told WWD, but Choupette was “too cute” so he “refused to give her back.”

Huh-oh, wrong interpretation. Choupette chose to stay with the famous designer.

Since then, the 9-month-old cat has become the apple of his eye and has been treated to a life of luxury. Lagerfeld has seen to it that Choupette is “beyond spoiled.”

She deserves it! We all do!

The cat has two maids who tend to her night and day and document her daily life in a diary of sorts for Lagerfeld.

Err, excuse me “journalists”?! This is what we call having humans. There are dozens, probably hundreds of cats out there doing just what I’m presently doing, dictating our blog entries and tweets to our humans.

It is time for humans to stop turning a blind eye to reality: we don’t simply rule; We rule the Internet and we rule the world.

The sooner humans will realize it, the better. I mean, can you resist this face?

My point exactly.

Now, bring me some kibbles and catnip.

15 thoughts on “Choupette, human media, and cat world domination

  1. Absolutely! I can’t imagine ANYONE seeing that face of yours and just walking by and ignoring you! Cats do rule…..with a soft paw though… claws…..keep those humans happy and they keep us happy in return!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  2. really…like who cleans up whose poop and pee!??? Seriously, we got that taken care of eons ago! And do we EVER have to open a can of stinky goodness ourselves?..noooooooo…the peeps do it for us…and cats and #wlf rule on Twitter…just sayin…oh yeah…and cute face Texas, as if ya didn’t know, huh???!!

  3. What’s so special about having hoomans help you write your daily diary?! Whee do that! And being spoilt?! Isn’t that what these hooman slave things are for?!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

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