Mondays are for memories: the country house

When I was living in France, I didn’t have a garden like I have now.

My human and I spent some time at my human’s mom’s apartment. My human’s mom would keep me when my human was away too. She didn’t have a garden but she had a balcony and I had permission to go on the balcony.

What I liked most was when no human was watching, I would jump on one of these flower pots and smell the flowers, eat carnation buds or grass. Of course it was strictly forbidden because the apartment was on the third floor. But that was so much fun!

There was another place on the balcony in which I loved to go. It was kind of like a bookshelf but with a big, thick plastic cover on it. My human’s mom was keeping vegetables and some plants inside. I loved to hide inside!

Lovely souvenirs!

23 thoughts on “Mondays are for memories: the country house

  1. Oh Texas! You brave boy you up on those flower boxes on the third floor! We cats have an amazing sense of balance though so I’m sure you were happy to be perched up there nibbling on the “salad” in the flower pots! I quite like your “behind the plastic” spot to relax….you look totally happy.

    Kitty hugs, Sammy

  2. Ooh, that looks very scary, Texas! Glad you didn’t fall of that balcony! My humans have a loft in their bedroom, and I love to walk along the outside edge. It scares them; I think it’s funny!
    Love, Sundae

  3. Oh, Texas we can see you quite enjoy the balcony with all the plants and containers. You walked softly so we bet those plants were just fine. But you sure were way up high, was that not a bit scary? Hugs and nose kisses

  4. Maxwell: oh my cat! Since I’m hearing impaired, I kinda don’t have normal balance like Faraday and Allie. I would so NOT do well up on that balcony ledge! Momma would have heart failure for sure!! (but the other hideout thingy looks pretty cool…!)

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