Mondays are for memories: Ladurée

Here is something we like in common my human and I: Ladurée. She keeps the funky, colored, round thingies she eats and I keep the bags!
My human, she calls it a win-win situation. I say I’d rather have the bag than those colored thingies she calls macarons! Hence, I win!


Look at what I got myself into!

Keep out! This bag is mine!

Look at the genius of Ladurée bags: there’s a string attached! Two actually!!

I can play hide and seek from the bag.

Love this bag!

20 thoughts on “Mondays are for memories: Ladurée

  1. I don’t know what a macaron is, but unless it has chicken or salmon in it (my human assures me this is NOT the case), I don’t think I would like it. The bag, on the other hand, is fabulous!

  2. Love the bag! I think my Mom would be like YOUR Mom and like the stuff INSIDE the bag more than the bag itself…….crazy humans – they just don’t “get it” !!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sam

  3. ok, ok…a confession…Mom and Dad had lots of leaky eyes looking at these photos…you are soooooo like their beloved Boris, see my page about AniFamily REmembered if you want…so that’s all I can say right now

  4. Great bag, Texas. I also have one like that. I agree with you, we always win when we get to keep the awesome bags. What comes in the bag, who cares? Unless it’s more toys for us! MOL

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