Hot weather and lazy humans

Hiya my furriends!

How are you today?

Me? I’m okay. My human’s back, but of course she had plenty of things to do, like cleaning her dirty laundry (Grouik wanted to beg her to give it to him as was, but she’s not a fan of black pants with white fur on it – go figure!). Plus she received a new laptop for her birthday, so she claimed to have to transfer stuff from one laptop to another. Thankfully, I convinced her with much meowing to update my blog before hers!

So, I know I missed a “Mondays are for memories” but it will be back next week. I read all (hopefully) your wonderful blogs I couldn’t read when my human wasn’t here with me.

Here, upstate NY, it is not too hot but still too hot to do anything too tiring. So my brothers and I went napping on the deck.

Hope you had a great day too!

21 thoughts on “Hot weather and lazy humans

  1. My mom said it is too hot for us to going outside, which really didn’t make any sense to me because she never lets us go outside. Mom says we live on a very busy street and we need to be safe. But that doesn’t bother me too much as I enjoy lazing around in a nice cool house playing and sleeping on our cat furniture. Hope you had a great time outside, and do try to stay cool!

  2. oh, it took little Satchie a while to find you in that pictuwe. At fiwst, I thought it was only the half-siblings

  3. Hey Texas. Where are you in upstate NY? My Auntie Liz is in Binghampton. My Mom is having some computer issues, but we have iPad, thank Cod! Not sure which email your Mom used. Will wait to see what comes through. Ciao

  4. Aw, you two look like my “cousin” cats. Motor Mommy tells me when she visits her son that his kitties are s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d out!
    Stay cool, my friends!
    Love, Sundae

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