Getting your human’s attention – Sit on their feet… literally

It’s been a while since I’ve done a “getting your human’s attention” post.

Today, I have a simple trick for you. Let me explain.

Yesterday evening, my human was going around in the house, from one room to another, claiming to be completing what she calls “household chores.” What I could see she was not completing in the meantime, is having her attention on me. So I decided to show her what house hold means. I waited for her to stop and I acted. I sat on her foot. Ah!

She didn’t dare move for several minutes. Bliss.

Mission accomplished.

P.S.: My human is not very pleased that I’m posting pics of her slippers and apartment pants on my blog. She thinks that’s not very stylish for a French kitty. Humans’ preoccupations, really! As if people and, most importantly, furry friends, were going to even notice her slippers while there’s a me, Texas, on them.

Silly human.

30 thoughts on “Getting your human’s attention – Sit on their feet… literally

  1. Excellent technique for stopping humans in their tracks! Especially when they have slippers that are fun to dig a claw into OR are soft and fuzzy and more like a toy than a human foot covering!! Looks like you’re thinking about taking a snooze in that second picture…or perhaps it would be a “victory nap” to celebrate mission accomplished in keeping her from doing her chores???

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  2. Oh, Texas! What a cool idea! I’ll have to try that instead of nipping at my humom’s ankles. She doesn’t care for that, although I can’t imagine why. It definitely gets her attention!
    Love, Sundae

  3. Paws up sweet Texas!!! You got it, I lay on Mumsy’s feet all the time. She tells me I need to move ’cause her feet are getting numb…do I move…no way! Those feet are comfy. Enjoy! Hugs and nose kisses

  4. Well done Texas! I need to learn that trick, but probably I’m too heavy for my mom as I’m a dog….Ooohhh..your humans slippers are pretty cute! :)

  5. Hi Texas,
    I wish our Mr. Pickwick would just sit on our feet only, but lately he has taken to biting our toes. That surely gets our attention! And, if it’s too much, and if he’s too frisky, he gets “relegated” to the kitchen – where he can be a little terror for his cat companions – or the hallway.
    I wish you a purrfect day,

  6. The slippers trick is ingenious, but it requires a participating, or easily manipulated, human which you obviously have! What I want to know is how did a chat français get a name like Texas?

    • Well, it required years of training the human =^.^=
      Well well, I’m a cat with character and my human immediately understood that I was the kind of cat you don’t mess with. Don’t mess with Texas! True story.

  7. Lovely. I had that happened to me at my friend’s dinner party. The whole dinner, the dog sat at my foot and won’t move. I like to think he likes me. Did you teach him that trick? ;)

  8. Texas, you are SO right! We kitties couldn’t care less about what humans wear, especially since we think clothes are silly and annoying anyway (unless they are on their way to or from the wash). Good lesson on attention getting!

  9. first thing Mom says…Oh MY CAT!!! Does his Mom know she is in the photo with her slippers and jammies?????….must have been Dad who took those photos…no Mom would ever do that…just sayin’….oh, yeah, nice slippers!! MOL

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