Purrfect hiding spots: humans just don’t understand

You see, I have found the purrfect hiding spot: above the ground but not too high up in the air, confined place, dark, with cushion-like towelettes.

It is a small yet big enough place to have two me inside, so quite comfy. It is a little drawer-like closet at the bottom of the humans’ kitchen table, where my human keeps what she calls dish towels (although I found no dish in the towels).

Well my human wouldn’t hear anything about it. She doesn’t want me in her precious towels. I tried to explain these could be turned into cat or better yet Texas towels – since there are no dishes you see – but no. She wanted me out.

Silly humans don’t understand anything about life’s little pleasures.

29 thoughts on “Purrfect hiding spots: humans just don’t understand

  1. What is it about peoples and towels! My favorite spot has towels in it too and Mommy growls about not being able to put towels in there anymore, and the one in my spot re getting very furry.

  2. Oh no…what a shame! Why humans always don’t understand our little pleasures? My brofur cat has also some places where he shouldn’t be at our house….poor Shiro(my brofur)…

  3. Poor Texas…..you’re right about humans – they really just don’t “get” some of the things we do and why we do them like find little private spots which MAY or MAY NOT be convenient for them or even approved BY them. However, private hidey-holes are very important for us……maybe you can come to some kind of compromise?

    Good luck………..Kitty hugs, Sammy

  4. Texas, I feel your pain. Why does Motor Mommy fuss when I lie on the sofa or the chairs? THEY get to sit on them: why not me?? I love the next-to-last picture of you – you’re so innocent looking. HOW could your human be upset??
    Love, Sundae

  5. I think that is an awesome hiding spot, and those towels were made for you! What does your human use them for anyway? It can’t be for anything as important as keeping you comfy!

  6. Howdy Texas, Fanks for Popping by to see us, weee’s luv’s meetin new Furbuddies!! Wee’s fink your’s Humom is real mean, she don’t use those towels,as yooo’s said. She needs to learn to Share!!! Pops by again, weee’s following yoooo’s now. Hope’s to see yooo’s soon :)

    Big Paw’s five Mollie and Furball ( Alfie) x
    mollie and alfie

    • Thanks for visiting my little blog!
      I think I found you thanks to Sammy. I’m receiving your updates now :-) So glad to know you furriends!
      Yep, sometimes my human is mean, but she is my human… but about the towels yep she’s mean.

  7. We really like your hiding place. Mom told us that her old kitty, Mischief, used to love to sleep in what she calls the linen closet. She even put a bed in there just for Mischief. So far we aren’t really interested in that ‘cuz we love to be where the action is. Maybe when we get older and take more naps…

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