How about a cat tango? A Tango with an Olive

As promised yesterday, here is my new video. Remember that if you like it, you can nominate it for the Internet Cat Video Film Festival here (reminder about what the festival is about here).

Just a few words about this video.

I love olives. My human once caught me licking olives on her table. Ooops. The good part is that she decided to give me one as a treat from time to time. She DID ask two vets if it was okay and they said it was if I get only one once in a while (also check here and here).

Olives have a stronger effect on me than catnip. I love to smell them and if the olive smells very good and my human is keeping it too long between her fingers, I can bite the fingers to get it (olive effect). The good thing with olives is that it can also be used as a toy! Most of the time I just eat part of it after playing.

Not all cats love olives though. Grouik and Milou for example couldn’t care less. So, use your good judgement, humans.

23 thoughts on “How about a cat tango? A Tango with an Olive

  1. Hi Texas….sadly my Mom’s dial-up connection makes buffering videos a RIDICULOUSLY long process but the few “stills” I see make it totally clear that you are the KING of the Olive Tango!! Even though I can’t see the whole thing, I’m thinking you’ve just got to be a contender for the festival award….!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  2. Texas, those moves are so professional and the music divine! We’re pleased it’s an olive you are tangoing with as a mouse wouldn’t stand a chance. Your humans keep a really clean house – if we’d taken that video your poor olive would have been lost in dust bunnies :D We’re off to see the site where you can vote for movies…

  3. Motor Mommy and I LOVED that video. She says it reminds her of a pin-ball machine game! We were smiling through the whole thing – I hope she’ll let me try an olive soon!
    Love, Sundae

  4. Weee’s got some Olives in the fridge ” hay Mom can eye’s have one, Texas said it’s alwight to have a little one! ” She’s gone to get me one :) Luv’s the video, it’s great bein on telly and yooo’s look terriffic :) My staff don’t know how to put me on the telly, she’s only just worked out how to do Pictures!! BOL.
    Has voted for yoooo’s
    Paw hugs Mollie x

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