Quick Thank You Post

I would like to thank my furry friends Bella and DiDi at Paws to Talk for nominating me for the Sunshine Award and the Blog on Fire Award!

I have to say I am truly purringly happy to have found so many furry and human friends thanks to the Internet. I wish I had enough catnip to give some to each of you. I guess I’m gonna have to ask my human to buy some more…

Since I had already received them, I am not going to go through the process of accepting them again. But I really appreciate my furriends!


19 thoughts on “Quick Thank You Post

  1. Concatulations Texas! It’s nice that people think enough of us to nominate us for an award…..I always do like you – thank people for loving me enough to do it, but not go through the whole “process” !! Long Life Cats and Dogs is right – – – – – it just means you’re TWICE as good!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  2. very gracious, just like a French ManCat! Purrfect. I too was given an award which I already have and think I will use your wording style. Of course, I think you deserve award you get Texas, even if they are given 4x over, purrrrs

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