Grouik the hunter and his umpteenth chipmunk + Captioning Milou

First of all, thank you all for your funny captions of Milou’s pic, yesterday. We, kitties and humans, here loved them all!

Milou especially liked Animalcouriers’ Oscat award perspective! We also imagined mixing Sammy’s and Sparkle’s view of a cat-shaped marshmallow blind date ;-)

Thank you all! You really made us laugh!

Now here are some pictures of my other half-bro Grouik with yet another chipmunk that he caught.

Believe me if you want, but the chipmunk managed to survive and escape (pics are displayed in order – my human wasn’t quick enough to take a picture of the chipmunk jumping on the tree and escaping). I think Grouik is voluntarily letting them go. He just wants to look good with the humans.

Me? I was on the couch training, not too far away from the AC.

25 thoughts on “Grouik the hunter and his umpteenth chipmunk + Captioning Milou

      • Texas, I should have added that they were organic because they were raised in my back yard, eating my organic vegetables. Mimi lived across the street before she came here, and she and her “sister” cat (none of their cats were spayed or neutered) were always feeding kittens, and always hunting in my yard. At least once each day I’d see one of them trotting across the street with a chippie in her mouth. Both girls were petite and they’d nearly trip over the chippie’s legs and tail.

        But sometimes cats catch them just because they are there and then they aren’t really interested.

  1. Hi Grouik……I used to practice “catch and release” with chippies in my yard back in my younger days. Haven’t done any chippie-chasing in quite a long time but the “visiting” cat who wanders the neighborhood will occasionally deposit some chipmunk “parts” on my front porch – maybe she’s trying to impress me? I don’t know but I can say for sure my Mom isn’t impressed since she’s the one who has to clean up the mess! :D :D

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  2. Phew!!!! What a relief to hear that chipmunk escaped! Oops, sorry Grouik!
    Hmmm….yes Grouik is truly a hunter! :)

  3. oh wow! I am so glad the chippie got away. We are soft on chippies in this house…I hope those chippies learn to move faster and climb quicker…sending purrrrs to the chippies in Grouik’s neighborhood…

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