Rentaneko… neko neko… Who wants to rent a cat?

So our humans left us alone, Milou and I, Wednesday evening. To go to the movies!! Can you believe that?

Well, the truth is I understand why they did: they had the opportunity to see Rentaneko or Rent-a-Cat. What is so unfair is that us kitties couldn’t go.

My human has written a post about the movie on her own blog:

Rent-a-Cat is about a young woman running a business of renting cats to lonely people. The rented cat’s mission, she explains to her clients, is to mend the hole in their hearts. But Sayoko, the young woman, is also yearning to find her special someone.

Then she included a video about the movie. Here:

I am a bit jealous because I would have loved to have been able to see the movie. My human liked it very much, as did her husband, and she said she will buy the DVD if it is released. So we can watch it all together. But when?

Also, my human had the occasion to meet two nice ladies from two of my favorite blogs (after all, that is thanks to me if she found out about this movie!): Ms. Tamar from I Have Cat, who posted about the movie, and Ms. Layla from Cat Wisdom 101, who reviewed the movie. I also wish I could have met these two cat lovers and my human said they were very nice ladies and they all had a good time!

Sooooo while we wait for a DVD, err, we’re going to take a nap.

Go watch this movie if you can! The humans say it is worth it and for once I’m inclined (vocab builder) to believe them!

Oh, also my dumb human realized why these were called neko flies… We do deserve to dominate the world, don’t you think?

27 thoughts on “Rentaneko… neko neko… Who wants to rent a cat?

  1. We would have LOVED to have seen the movie!!! Such a fun and clever idea and story. : ) We miss out on some of the cool stuff too….not being in NY. But!!! The International Cat Video Film Festival is coming up soon and will be right HERE in Minnesota!!!

    xo, Katie & Glogirly

  2. Hi Texas, thanks for this post about the film ” Rentaneko” that must be a Japanese film but me and mom didn’t know it at all….*blush*
    We knew the film director ” Ogigami” who is a well known film director for the film ” Ruokala Lokki” or ” Kamome Syokudo” filmed in Finland, that we love it very much.
    Director Ogigami is known for a cat lover, so she often films cats related stories. Me and mom checked where and when we’ll be available for watching the film, but unfortunately it won’t be released in Tokyo area….we, too might have to wait for the DVD like you and Milou….it seems to be very interesting film!!!

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