She’s back! Let’s play with my kragonfly!

Not much words today (who said “either”?!). My human’s back and her first priority is to play with me. And I have to make sure of that!

Have a wonderful Caturday!

32 thoughts on “She’s back! Let’s play with my kragonfly!

  1. We need a new Nekofly here – Binga chewed on the string on ours in such a way that it is kind of stiff now! She must have industrial strength saliva (hope that is not TMI).

  2. I like your relaxed style! No running around and leaping through the air – that’s how I like to play too. Sometimes The Princess and I play tug of war with a toy. She tugs and pulls, I lie on my back and just hold on – why make play more work than it should be :-)

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