The first encounter with the little sister

Today, Kitshka, our new little sister, has been home for a week exactly (well, tonight it will be a week).

The humans had kept her in their room at first, separated from us. As if we couldn’t smell her. Well, Milou didn’t seem to realize. I think he didn’t want to. She had her little bowl of kitten kibbles (the same yummy ones I had when I was a kitten too!), her little bowl of water and her little litter box.
Since she felt like exploring after the first night only, they decided to prudently open the door and see what our reaction would be. Of course, we didn’t like the idea at first and we had to make it clear, was the little brat fur ball to stay, who was there first.

Below is a video of Milou and I first meeting her. Please excuse the humans’ mistakes: the orientation of the iPhone camera, the mess, the feet!

As I have mentioned before, we started playing on our second day of knowing each other, and we still do! Milou has been hissing a little less these past couple of days so it looks like she has won everyone’s heart almost. Welcome to your furever home, Kitshka!

Hope you like the video!

58 thoughts on “The first encounter with the little sister

  1. Oh Texas, you are one fine kitty! I love how you look at Milou like “dude, what’s up with the hissing?”

    I found little Satchie exactly three months ago, May 17. And she was also a little ball of fur just like Kitshka.

    Please give Kitshka some purrs for me. And purrs to you as well for being such a good big brother to her :)

  2. Oh! Kitshka is not only cute, she is also very brave… It’s fine that now you are really friends… Big hugs to Kitshka and you, Texas, and to Milou as soon as he stops hissing :-)

  3. Kitsha we are already in love with you. You are such a lively little kitty.

    ✿•*¨`*•. ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥✿•*¨`*•.

  4. So Beloved was playing the video without us and The Princess spotted it and went wild. We ended up on Beloved’s lap watching you all and joining in BOL
    The Princess now wants a kitten to play with!

  5. wow! not bad for a first! But I gotta say, and I totally luvluvluv ya Texas, but that little Kitshka is one tough little ladycat! You mancats better watch your stuff….and I gonna be on her side MOL…paw pats, Savannah

  6. yeah, your little sister is very cute. I have to admit my friend that you are handling a lot better that I did. I was more like Milou… and I wasn’t known to be a hisser before that.

    Congrats to you and your humans!

  7. It is clear she knew that you were just playing Texas – but when Milou came up hissing, she knew he was NOT being friendly! I am sure everybody will settle in sooner than later – in fact, it sounds like it is already happening.

  8. Hello Texas and Milou and welcome Kitshka ! A quite slow and careful approach… A funny, sweet video…
    We’ve heard our human would like to adopt another kitten but fears we might not accept him. Maybe she’ll try. We’ll let you know.

    • Well, I have always wanted to have someone to play with and Milou and Grouik were not too keen on playing with me when I was a kitten (they were mush older than I was) but they didn’t not reject me either. It takes time too.
      Let us know!

  9. Pawgeous Kitshka seems to be a little scared of you two, Texas….hope you three will be getting along well before long! :)

  10. awww poor little ball of fluff, all cornered by the big angry milou!
    and texas is adorable, how he swipes at her head, so cute!
    kitschka is too cute for words… i love the little sideways crab walk they do when they are trying to impress ahahaha

  11. Hello Texas, It looks as though you are going to have great fun with little Kitsha when you all get to know each other better. Thank you for joining my blog.
    Purrs … Rainbow

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