Do you need four minutes of absolute cuteness today?

There you go. Filmed and edited by my human’s husband which is better than my human very good at that video thingie.
My human prefers photographs.

Here’s our welcome to little Kitshka.

Enjoy and Happy Sunday!

57 thoughts on “Do you need four minutes of absolute cuteness today?

  1. One happy cat family. I’m proud of you my dear Texas, taking care of your little sister. But what about that fight with the big cat…??

    • I don’t know. Lately Milou has been getting on my nerve a bit. He’s hissing at the little one and taking all my spots.
      But don’t worry, nothing serious here really. We do that once in a while. That keeps Milou on his toes as how he behaves with us and it keeps us slim (well almost) ;-)

  2. Oh yes! I definatly did need four minutes of cuteness!!! Kitshka is ALMOST as cute as me! >=)
    And that bit where you and Grouik starting fighting and hitting eachother on the head xD xD xD ROFL

    Piggeh kisses,

  3. What an absolutely super introduction! Human’s husband is a talented fellow :D just love how you play with the little minx (Millou is perhaps a little behind on the enjoyment front) A splendid interlude on a hot and humid day. Thanks =^..^=

    • The music was made by the Japanese cat food company Aixia Corp, in an ad called Aixia Cat Kindgom (it’s on youtube).
      Kitshka is the English spelling for Kićka, which is a made up Polish name based on Kicia (phonetic /kiʨ̑a/ – little female kitty) and the diminutive suffix -ek, which modifies kicia as kićka (phonetic /kiʨ̑ka/). There, you just opened the can of worm ;-)

  4. Hi, Im Penny and with me this moment is 10 year old Emma. We are both cat lovers and we reallllly loved your video. We both say thank you so much for sharing your kitty love with us. Emma would like to add a kitty symbol so I’m turning the keyboard over to her now: >^..^< thank you from Emma.

  5. OMD! The video is fab!!!! :) I think that the lyrics of the music goes pretty well with the scene of Kitshka! I’m wodering if your human’s husband knew the lyrics? Really great chice! Just worried if you and Milou are okay? not serious fight?

  6. Kitshka is just too cute for words (not as cute as you, though – you know you’re the cutest). Isn’t it great watching kittens play! Love when steps seem so huge. Glad to see you guys look like you’re getting on famously now!

  7. OMC! We have to watch this a few times…so many priceless moments!! Love the little back flip she does when Texas is watching her and then the cute hide and seek game the two of them play around the back pack…and WOW did Texas and Milou get into it on the cat tower…and there was little Miss Kitshka watching with those huge kitten eyes…what a show! Paw hugs to you all, Savannah

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