58 thoughts on “We are Family or the Joys of a Multi-Cat Family

  1. That was SO funny! What a surprise from Texas there at the end. But (sniff, sniff) I can’t hear the music….
    Thanks for sharing and making me smile!

  2. That was sooooo funny sweet Texas. We didn’t even know you were around anywhere and we were waiting to see what sweet Kitschka was going to do once she got to the wagging tail. Hugs and nose kisses

  3. We’ll soon learn what it means to live in a multi-cat family. The new kitten arrived on Monday but we haven’t met him yet. We were told he looks very much like you, Texas… According to the video, it seems quite fun to have a new kid at home… The more, the merrier, isn’t it, Texas ?

  4. I LOVE the pause midway through for a belly roll. I love the anticipation, the cuteness of the kitten, the disdain of the ‘victim’ and the surprise ending.. perfect!

  5. Too funny, especially the surprise ending! I was concentrating on the kitten so much that I jumped when the attack occurred :-). We have a large multi-cat (multi-species) family too, especially with several foster cats added to the group. NEVER a dull moment for sure, lol, constant entertainment. Luckily they all get along–most of the time at least!

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