49 thoughts on “Calling all catnip lovers of the cat blogosphere

  1. Oh dear, we’ve been reading about addictions today! doggy’s daddy has come out as being addicted to competitions and you’ve now come out as the catnip messiah. Take a step back dear Texas, the hangers on in your new religion will drain you of purpose as spirit! Come back to us dear boy :D

  2. Whoa, Man, groovy! I had me some vine last night and it was AWESOME! This picture takes the Human back to the ’60s when she was a wild and crazy girl! Now the only pills she efur takes are for her blood pressure. She’s just no fun any more…..

  3. Awwww…..fabulous! My doggie brofur “Kevin” let me touch the screen with my paw….Oooohhhhhh!!!! My nip guru!!!!!! :)
    from Kevin’s cat brofur “Shiro”

  4. Quick Texas, change yor answer to Doggys..It had been such a cwap day and youz guys made me laff sooo much..I fank you for that my friend, and I’m still laffin. i’m off too bed coz it’s well past 11pm here.
    Love ya xx00xx

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