Taking it easy today

Yep, we decided to take it easy today and to embark our human with us. So just a quick post and we’re out for some fun and naps and noms and fun and naps and noms…

First, my regular readers know that English is neither my human’s nor my native tongue.
When we nominated furriends for the Super Sweet Blogger Award, we assumed (including my human who likes to cook like we’re a family of ten) that “Nominate a baker’s dozen” meant “nominate a dozen blogs.” Well no. My human could – should – have know (see post on kibbles above-mentioned). Turns out “a baker’s dozen” means thirteen or fourteen.

So the good news is, I decided to nominate two more furriends. These are French furriends that I have only recently met through our blogs and I LOVE their blogs (and the beautiful Liousha, yes, I admit):
=^.^= Liousha et Tiki — The beautiful Liousha, like me, has seen a recent addition to her family (only the other way around: she has a little brother, Tiki)
=^.^= La Voix aux Chats-Pitres (I won’t even try translating the play on words) — Zingara and Graffiti also have a new little brother that looks a bit like me. His name is Romeo.

If you wish to accept the awards, please do follow the rules to pass them around (that can be done in French of course!) but do not feel obligated to do so. I think your blogs are sweet so I am glad to share them with all my furriends.

Finally for today, a couple of readers have offered to “foster” Kitshka. Yeah, she is that tiring cute, that’s why we are keeping her. But thank you, my furriends, I appreciate your offer =^.^= Remember there are many like her waiting for their furrever home. Just saying =^.<=
Also we found a solution to the bed issue.

The humans took the pics with their iPhone when they were just coming back from grocery shopping and we were still a little sleepy, as you can see. The humans weren’t quick enough but, yes, we were sleeping next to each other =^.^=

Enjoy a fun weekend! Don’t forget to nap!!

40 thoughts on “Taking it easy today

  1. Sweet, sweet pictures, Texas! Concats to your 2 new blog award winners. We have to ask: is it possible to translate their blogs into English?? Motor Mommy only took one year of French in school (a hundred years ago), and she’s forgotten most of what she learned. Of course, if they write about pencils or desks or paper, she’d probably remember those words! Thanks
    Love, Sundae

  2. Liousha : Oh, grand merci, Texas, de cette nomination, bien sûr, acceptée avec un aussi grand plaisir, le temps de demander à Tiki et Phil de m’aider pour respecter les règles.
    Doux ronrons sonores.
    Tiki : Miaou ! Allez Liousha, dépêche-toi. Ronrons Texas.

  3. Bonjour et merci de ton passage chez moi. Je connais bien Liousha, tiki et les chats-pitres et j’aime beaucoup. J’adore les photos de Texas (qui ressemble à mon Kiki et du petit bout Kitshka, ils sont trop mimi. Bonne soirée. A bientôt. Biz. CricriCat

  4. Somehow Kitshka becomes cuter every day…..were WE that cute at her age Texas? I think perhaps we were! You two look quite snuggly and adorable all cuddled up together on the sofa. I’m sure she loves being able to curl up with her big brother and it’s OK for you to admit YOU like having her that close!! :D

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  5. thanks for all the lovely purrs you sent my way yesterday, texas! appreciate it. also, please let your human know that I appreciate her advice about doing something nice for myself as well. :) unfortunately, no nip for me as I am human and I don’t do that kind of treats, but thank you for your thoughtfulness texas. :)

  6. Une grande joie sûrement de voir ce moment, Kitshka et Texas l’un contre l’autre. Et pouvoir le garder en image… Le signe d’une tendre complicité qui se construit, sublime.

  7. nous sommes contentes de voir la nomination de nos copains Liousha Tiki et les Chats Pïtres, miaou ronrons et câlins d’Opale et Sonye
    oh que c’est beau de vous voir tous les deux, adorables…bisous de Laurence

  8. It is nice to know that Kitshka DOES sleep sometimes! You are right – there are lots of kitties out there who are just as cute who need homes! (Although, to be honest, I am not advertising this fact to my human…)

  9. I understand those readers who have offered to “foster” Kitshka because she is so adorable! As you said, still there are many kittens who are looking for their forever home, so hopefully they will be adopted before long! You two look lovely! :)

  10. ::facepalm::: Oh TEXAS! Dude! You…you…let Kitshka TOUCH you! Don’t tell me YOU fell for the Cute too? *sigh* We hopes you at least gave her a few representative growls or hisses just on principle?

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