Kitshka Friday

Today it’s been 4 weeks that Kitshka has joined our family. So I thought I’d do a Kitshka Friday! Enjoy!

[The pictures are in chronological order, except for the “measurements” at the end, but the two measurement pics are themselves in chronological order too]

49 thoughts on “Kitshka Friday

  1. Every time we see little Kitska, it aways makes me want a little kitten..I’ve got a Cat, a dog and fish..I’m not allowed any more pets :( such beautiful pictures, I’ve already looked at them 3 xx00xx

  2. OMC! Kitska is SOOOOO adorable! Yes, now MomKatt is, like many of your other readers, thinking about a kitten … NO NO! I’m “kitten” enough for any household!

    Texas, I hope you have a WONDERPURR weekend sweetie!


  3. Hi Texas,
    She’s absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing the pictures. Well, we think out little Sister Fidelma is, too.
    Take care, and have a good one,

  4. She really, truly is a beautiful, adorable kitty. I know she loves both of her big brothers and I’m glad you are all adjusting to having that ltitle bundle of energy running around non-stop (well except for naps of course!). Happy one-month-aversary of acquiring a baby sister!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  5. meowloz kitshka N texas; we hope ewe both haza awesum week oh end; & kitshka; if ewe eat 75 pounds oh trout a week, veree soon ewe will be like 7 ore 8 roolerz tall !!!

  6. Oh Kitshka, you are just too cute. You resemble our friend Quill who is also a kitten. Also we love your name. That is just the best. What wonderful pictures. Take care.

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