Happy Milou’s Day!

Hiya everyone!

Today is Milou’s birthday! Or so I’ve decided.

You see, we don’t know exactly when Milou was born.

A little history (my half-brother Milou is old…):
Milou was adopted at some point in late summer, according to my human’s husband. My human’s husband doesn’t remember when exactly (have you noticed furriends how female humans are better at remembering dates, especially birthdays and stuff like that, than male humans?) and since he didn’t know my human at the time, well, my human cannot remember for the rest of us!

To keep Milou’s story of adoption short, my human’s husband adopted him when it was clear that the woman who had first adopted Milou because he was a cute kitten had realized that adopting a cute kitten implied responsibilities other than just, well, watching the cute kitten. So my human’s husband and Grouik welcomed him in their (Grouik’s) home. It was about 13 years ago.

Grouik quickly became protective of Milou and they have lived together for 13 years.

Milou has had many health issues during his life, including one instance of trying to catch a leprechaun in Ireland and falling from the fifth floor of the human’s apartment building. Thank Ceiling Cat the always-wet grass of Ireland (It was often raining – my human’s words) and Milou’s fat (the vet’s words) saved his life and left him with a minor injury at one of his hind legs.

Anyway, to keep a long story short, on top of his health problems (like a special urinary diet, among other stuff), I think Milou is missing Grouik still. Okay, he’s not always been very nice to me, but he’s about okay with the brat little sister and he is old(er) now.

Soooooo, I’ve decided that today would be his day, September 16. Milou’s Day.

Will you celebrate with me and wish Milou a Happy Milou’s Day?

Here are some funny pictures of my half-brother Milou!

Milou in our cat tree

Milou and I training for the couch-a-thon

Milou using my human’s backpack as a bed

Milou exercising

Milou napping on his human’s leg

64 thoughts on “Happy Milou’s Day!

  1. Happy happy Milou’s day!!!!!! I wish him a lovely wonderful day on his birthday!!! Milou is a very lucky kitten to have found a lovely forever home!!! I understand that Milou still miss Grouik…. We send Milou lots lots of love and pawhugs from Japan! We love you, Milou!!! :)))

  2. Have a happy Milou’s day ! As she doesn’t know when I was born exactly, Mummy has decided to wish my birthday on the day when she adopted me. So July 13th is Dayak’s day !

  3. Talk about having 9 lives…Poor Milou :( HAPPY BIRFDAY TO YOUZ..HAPPY BIRFDAYZ TO YOUZ..HAPPY BIRFDAYZ DEAR MILOU..HAPPY BIRFDAYZ TO YOUZ..hip hip..Horayyyyyyyy..XX00XX

  4. My dear Milou….from one old cat to another, Happy Birthday/Milou Day! You may be about a year older than I am or something close to that anyway…..we have our ups and downs but aren’t we lucky to have our humans and brothers and sisters to keep us going…..I know you very much miss Grouik – you two had been together for a long time – but you look quite content. After all, isn’t that what we all wish for in our older years? Content, comfy, and spoiled as much as pawsible! Have a SUPER day my friend.

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy
    p.s. Texas I think it’s lovely that you wanted your brother Milou to have his special day today…you’re a VERY good brother…….. ;)

  5. Hey Texas, Jet here. Hi Miss Carine.

    HAPPY BDAY Milou! Mom’s giggling about you in the backpack! Thank Ceiling Cat you guys have 9 lives, seems like you’ve needed a few extra! From one manly man to another, have a pawesome birthday!

  6. Wishing Milou a purrrrrfect day! How fortunate he was to escape serious injury in that fall he took. And I’m sure he still misses his buddy, Grouik. So happy Milou found a happy furrever home – just like I did!
    Love, Sundae

  7. ohhhh Milou!!! HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY you adorable boy!!!! I am so happy that the grass in Ireland is usually wet and that you are a little bit “fluffy” so that you weren’t injured terribly when you fell. You must have been going after a super lucky leprechaun because you are having a wonderful life now! Here’s to many more years! Love, Cody and “Mom”

  8. Many happy returns Milou. How can people just want cute kitties like accessories??? There is no sense of responsibility or care for another living soul!! Thank goodness he found you :) xxx

  9. Happy birthday to Milou! I’m glad he found a REAL home all those years ago…

    BTW, thanks so much for coming to my virtual book signing on Twitter! Your PAWtographed book will go in the mail on Monday!

  10. Aww, happy birthday Milou!! You’re looking quite adorable, especially excercising!
    Poor Star is in the same boat, we knew approximately when we got her, but until we got Leo and started Blogging we didn’t know kitties had such things and gotcha days and birthday parties! Since we knew Leo’s, we decided to be fair and create one for Star!

  11. Happy Birthday Milou! May your day be filled with love & cuddles and treats & nip. Lots & lots of the nip! purrs

    Nerissa from Nerissa’s Life

  12. Happy Milou Day. And I understand about missing mates. I will always miss my pal Zac. No-one to tease. No-one to play with when I have some energy to burn. No-one to cuddle up to when it’s cold and no-one to share those ‘alone’ moments when the people in your life have to leave you for a time.
    Hope you have a good day today Milou.

  13. Oh Texas and Carine and Milou, so sorry to have missed this special day for Milou…he is precious as are all of us felines! MOL!! And I know, from what Mom told me, that when my ‘before me’ brothers and sister passed, each one missed the one who went before…it is natural…but hard…keep happy with Miss Kitshka Milou! Paw pats, Savvy

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