Mondays are for Memories: A Day in the Forest

Where my human’s Mom lives, there is a small forest nearby. My human and her husband brought me there a couple of times when I was still almost a kitten (about 5 months old on the pics).

I loved it! I was on a leash (my human was frightened at the idea that I could run away) but that was still pretty cool. I could smell the different plants and animals. I could climb trees. It was a great adventure!

The pics are not that great because my human had just bought her DSLR and she was learning to use it. But they’re still good memories =^.^=

50 thoughts on “Mondays are for Memories: A Day in the Forest

  1. Moi aussi je me balade en laisse et en harnais quand Maman a un peu de temps pour m’emmener en balade ! J’adore ça et je grimpe aux arbres comme toi mais ma laisse est plus courte, alors je vais moins haut !

  2. Aw, sweet memories. I trained Odin on a leash as kitten and it was a good way to get a taste of the outdoors safely. For anyone wanting to leash train their cat, it’s important to use caution around trees and branches where the leash could be tangled.

  3. Oh Texas what CUTE photos of you as a little guy! I too LOVE the woods….I’m harness/leash trained since a kitten so it’s no big deal for me to let Mom escort me down into the woods behind our house. I love sniffing everything, digging holes, sometimes just SITTING there watching the birds and with my nose up in the air taking in the aromas! Love it…I just plain LOVE it!

    Kitty hugs, your woods-loving pal Sammy

  4. How cool Texas!!! :)
    I didn’t know that you could climb trees! I’m envious of you because I can’t…it’s hard for us doggies… I wonder if my cat brofur can…???

  5. Wowwie! That is some climbing! I wanted to come and thank you for coming to my party! And I wanted to let you know, Mommy is insisting on a blogging break, so we may be posting and visiting very erratically.

  6. That looks like a lot of fun. But we don’t like it outside and we don’t like leashes. They steal our bones and the beans complain about how stupid they look dragging a kitty around at the end of a leash. It doesn’t work for any of us!

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