We were busy

Sorry furriends for not posting these past couple of days. I’ll be back to regular blogging tomorrow (when the human is ready to get un-busy) and I have some really cool stuff to show you!

In the meantime, check how Kitshka and I really got ourselves busy on the humans’ bed.



Supervising the human: “What are you doing exactly, human?”

After-work napping

Yeah, alright, Kitshka did pretty much everything. But heh! She’s a kid, she’s young! Besides that gives her the opportunity to learn!

Purrs to y’all!

61 thoughts on “We were busy

  1. Oh I luv’s those photo’s Texas, Wez was wondering what ya been up too..Theze Humoms have no idea, how impawtant our bloggin is..I hopes youz gave her a good talking too. Can’t wait to seez what ya bin up too..
    xx00xx Luv’s youuz xx00xx

  2. the “singing” photo was too funny! Ohhh we hear you about being “busy”. We had the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur and Mom had cooking to do because we had company and they didn’t leave til later last night and Mom signed on to almost 300 emails in road runner and around 500 in AOL. It is going to take her ALL DAY and night to catch up, plus she has to do TWO blog posts for tomorrow! Sooooo we hear ya!

  3. Hi Texas…….well you and Kitschka look QUITE happy together – hanging out for naps, singing engagements, and everything! She’s getting to be a “full-figured” gal (hahaha)……growing up SO FAST. I love that you snuggle together – it’s nice to snuggle!

    Kitty Hugs, Your Pal Sam

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  5. Plus you did have the harder job of supervising her to ensure she was doing it correctly without letting her know you were supervising so she wouldn’t feel bad!!

    I think you deserve extra treats and a long nap as a reward for working so hard!!

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