TGIF – Nap time again

Well, the video still isn’t up… I feel embarrassed. I know I shouldn’t because it’s the human’s fault but still…
By the way, I now have more than 1,000 email notifications of posts by my furriends in my inbox. And the humans woke up horribly early. Not to help me with my blog.

You may know that I have a day job. Yep. I am Nap Substitute In Chief: I nap for the humans. That’s a great job. I love it. You gotta love your job.

Today I am having a hectic schedule of napping. But tomorrow is the weekend! Yippee!

So I wish you all a wonderful Friday and lots of naps. Will keep you posted on the video.

36 thoughts on “TGIF – Nap time again

  1. We try to take turns at nap duty. Mom says we do too much napping during the day and then we’re awake too much at night. Well, if Mom wouldn’t go to work every day and would just stay home and play with us then we wouldn’t nap so much during the day. What’s wrong with humans, anyway?

  2. I never see the email notifications for comments – my human just files them away and I go to my blog dashboard to read them between naps, eating and playing!

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