We love the Cat-A-Pole!

Finally, the long-awaited post I told you about is here! Woo-ooh!


Most of my readers probably know that Katie of Glogirly was recently elected Cat Ruler of the World in a contest in which the real winners were the shelters each of the cat-idates was supporting (and especially the new ruler’s choice, here Blind Cat Rescue).

The great election contest was organized by Zee & Zoey and their human Ms. Deb Barnes (Hiya!). The contest was backed by generous sponsors who donated meals, litter and other prizes to shelters. Please follow the link just above for all the details.

Some of the kitties voting also won some prizes! I was one of the lucky Facebook winners!!

We first received the Cat-A-Pole, directly from Ms. Barnes who added a sweet little card!

Okay, the picture isn’t great, but it’s just to give you an idea of its size and everything. Just check the website of the toy for more details.

It was an instant success with me.

The little fur ball with feathers, at the end of the pole, moves in all unexpected directions! Plus it seems the humans get tired less quickly which means we can play longer! So the toy is more enjoyable to both the human (I know, we don’t care much about them but if that can make them play longer ;-) and the kitty.

Milou did play a bit with it too but the human didn’t have the time to take pictures. Truth is, tornado Kitshka spotted the toy and took immediately possession of it. Literally.

She enjoys the Cat-a-Pole so much that I or Milou cannot play with it when she is in the room. Want me to prove it? Check the following video. Don’t forget to turn your speakers on to hear her growling and hissing at the beginning (understand: “the toy is mine!”). And don’t miss the end when she helps the human edit the video.

[If you cannot see the video from my blog, click here]

The toy was – is – a huge success! Thanks to Ms. Barnes and Cat-a-Pole!

42 thoughts on “We love the Cat-A-Pole!

  1. Oh my goodness!! Kitshka is amazing and I LOVE the video!! I am so glad she is enjoying the toy so much and am thrilled you won the prize for her!! Our Peanut fell head over heels in love with our Cat-a-Pole too and our Zoey drags it around the house!! Great post – I am going to share it with my Cat-a-Pole contact so they can see how much the kitties love the toy!

  2. well Texas me lad..I really do sympathise with you. Your present and Kitshka takes it over and poor Milou got very little chance to play.
    The only thing I see in mitigation is that Kitshka is still very young and needs to fineline her position on th prey…….
    whereas you and Milou are more experience and much faster, speed being the essence for any cat of good quality.
    Just as long as she does not demolish this one as she did the other one… I loved the video! xxxx prrrrrr -prrrrrr

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