Fun discovery: Tocktober!

I only recently discovered that October was also Tocktober… The month to show our tocks!
I discovered that by reading my furriends’ bloggies.

I happen to show my tocks to my human not only in October but also whenever I am not happy with her work.

Here is a picture of Kitshka and I taken in early September (Kitshka was a little littler):

And here are pictures of, first, Kitshka and I, and then Milou, both taken in October:

I think Milou wins if there was a contest between us. What do you think? Do you like our tocks? Are there other funny cat blogosphere events we should know about (I liked showing my tocks to the humans!)?

58 thoughts on “Fun discovery: Tocktober!

  1. Lovely tocks pictures! Happy Tocktober!
    Lots of events are usually posted on the blogosphere, do you go there often? I know it’s been a little hit and miss since the one who runs it is moving and then there were health issues, but it’s being kept up as well as possible. And goodness, you should all be in the Tabby Cat Club, they do lots of events and stuff! We don’t qualify.. no stripes. MOL

  2. Great photos Texas! Let’s hear it for Tocktober! You and Kitshka look nice and cozy on your tree all cuddled up….Milou seems to think there’s something terribly tempting in that teeny box OR he’s underestimating his size!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  3. Personally, I’m like Milou : I love boxes to enter in, especially when they are too small for me ! Mummy has very understood my toc and when she has a lot of papers to bring back from her job, she always asks for a little box to take them home : I have a complete collection of boxes with different strenghts and colours , the real best game to play !

  4. We think all three would win the tocks contest since you all are so darn cute! But Kitshka , you probably would win the cutest contest since LP thinks you are too adorable and she loves your name too :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  5. You guys are all Tock Champions as far as I’m concerned. Milou just had the best position for showing them off.

    And yes, there are plenty of Cat Blogosphere events. You just have to check the Home Page to see what’s coming up. I imagine Halloween will be next.

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