Late Halloween and trick or treating

Humans say we are creatures of habits. But they are creatures of predictability!

They had prepared some treats for Halloween to give to kids. I don’t know whether that was because of Sandy (I heard the humans say 90% of our town had lost power! Talk about a Ceiling Cat-blessed home we have!) but no kid came. Not a single one. My human was kind of sad… not that she would have to eat the candy herself, but that possibly kids couldn’t have as much fun this year.

So a huge plastic pumpkin, 3 or 4 times the size of Milou’s heads, and full of human treats, was still waiting next to the door when my human suddenly, yesterday evening, just before going to sleep, had the most stupid idea ever. She emptied the plastic pumpkin and, guess what?

Yep. She put Greenies in the plastic pumpkin.

Of course Milou fell for it.

So did Kitshka (with Milou waiting in line for a second round).

Little not-so-old me couldn’t be bothered to enter my head in the pumpkin for a couple of Greenies so that my human could take a picture. I cannot be bought for a couple of Greenies! Now if she had put fresh salmon in there… No, no, no! I get my Greenies on my terms!

Furriends: I am back to reading your bloggies. No seriously. So I’ll see you in a short while!

45 thoughts on “Late Halloween and trick or treating

  1. Haaaan ! Vous avez tout le matos, vous ! De vrais pros de “Challoween” !
    Ronrons des 3 félins du Chat-eau.

  2. We are glad that you are safe and sound. It sounds as though many people have/are sadly not doing as well. Probably why the children were so few trick or treating this year :(
    Texas, tell your Mama you’ll have a greenie if she hand feeds you them ! Mwahahahahaha!!!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  3. Glad to hear that you, brother and sister and the humans were all safe and sound at home! Perhaps next year will bring more small humans to the door, but I hope you will still have your Greenies. (without or without cute pumpkin!)

  4. That sounds like a good idea to put the greenies in the pumpkins. That is sad that there weren’t any trick or treaters. But we are sure that the Darn Sandy slowed everyone down. Hope you have a good week end.

  5. I’m sorry you got no little ghouls at your door this Halloween. Maybe you’re like us. Our county moved Halloween to Saturday night so it will be safer for the little monsters to be out haunting the neighborhood. Hopefully the power will be on for everyone and the walkways will be clear. Our trick or treaters are just a few days late!

  6. Hmm. I am not particularly fon of the Greenies, so i could prolly have resisted too, but I gotta say if there was Gerber’s in there? Well, Spitty woulda had his dead in there in a flash. Soooo glad you kitties and Humans are safe and even have power–yay XOXOXO

  7. Your Mom’s idea to fill the pumpkin with greenies was way cool…..I think Sandy put a crimp in everyone’s Halloween festivities this year cuz we didn’t have many kiddies knock on our door. A few but only a few. Kinda missed that but there’s always NEXT year! So glad you all made it through Sandy OK though……..that’s the important thing!! :D :D :D

    Kitty Hugs, Sam

  8. Hey Texas, Jet here.

    So relieved you are ok… (sorry for VERY bad manners in not checking in sooner.) Need anything?

    Very creative with the pumpkin under the circumstances, tell Mom the truth, dude! The pictures were so funny. :)

  9. Mon pauvre Texas, ce qu’il ne faut pas faire pour gagner ses friandises !
    Moi, j’ai de la chance de ce côté-là, en ce moment : comme je suis de nouveau atteinte par de vilaines plaques rouges, Maman me gâte et m’offre plein de friandises ainsi que de nouvelles croquettes délicieuses, pleines de fibres !
    Bon, faudrait quand même pas que ça dure trop longtemps, parce que je dois aussi avaler des cachets et ça… c’est nettement moins bon !
    Bonne fin de week-end à vous tous et des ronrons à la citrouille magique !

  10. I agree with the Celestial Kitties. Really, we are dignified creatures and being made to, well, lower ourselves to get the treats? Not cool. Hey, yesterday I meant HEAD not Dead, ha ha meow. But you probably figured that out! Hope efurryone back there is starting to recover from that horrible Sandy.

  11. SCORE! Hey, we’re not too proud over here to stick our heads into a punkin for a few noms. Woo!! So you’re really well and all after that nasty Sandy? We were purring for you when that thing hit. 90% without power is not good….

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