My castle on top of the mountain

I had already prepared my post when I read this post at the Conscious Cat. The post was about humans building cat walls for their kitties. I thought that was very nice of them. Sometimes we kitties build our own stuff too!

I made myself a brand new castle and I love it! What do you think about it?

Guess who wanted to join me? (Hint, she’s on the first pics)
Yes! Kitshka!

Thankfully, she understood that everyone should have their own castle… or box. What Kitshka? Why, no, your box isn’t too small for you! Kids these days, they never get enough!

39 thoughts on “My castle on top of the mountain

  1. Aw, Texas: what a magnificent Castle! Is architect in your resume? And “Baby K” realizes the best when she sees it!
    Love, Sundae (sitting on my dull little window seat. Sniff, I wish I had a castle on the mountain….)

  2. Texas….we love the castle that you built. We also think Kitshka is the cutest little thing, but we understand why a castle is for one fur person alone. She needs a slightly bigger castle than the one she was inspecting. We love your creativity!

  3. You are definitely King of your Castle, Texas! Even when others try to scale its walls, you are not daunted. However, it can be lonely at the top. Don’t you ever want a little company (and I do mean ‘little’ when it comes to Kitshka)?

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