34 thoughts on “Ruining pictures 101 – Lesson 4: Surprise the human

  1. I visited the previous photobomb efforts of Milou…and now suggest you give his tail either it’s own blog or at least do a series of photos of just his tail as that is the message, yes he is sending a message, he is trying to convey…his tail wants to meow about something…shhhhhh…listen and you will hear it too

  2. In our house we consider cat rumps a specialty. We have so many of them — all shapes, sizes, colors and angles. Some even have dingle-dangles hanging! Oh yes, we have a few full frontals too but very few!

  3. Oh yes! We are all adept at photobombing here too! It’s a wonder LP gets any photos of us on the blog! Looking away or down is our favourite but walking away is good too :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

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