Where are My Three Moggies?! Over there! Look!

Hiya furriends,

A quick post to direct you to My Three Moggies’ new bloggie: click here!

Were you already following them but have stopped receiving notifications? That’s because they have a brand new, beautiful blog! But they lost their subscribers along the way :-/
So please, if you were already visiting them but haven’t for a while because you didn’t get their notifications, visit them today and subscribe again.

If you had not been visiting them before, go say hiya to Oscar, Archie and Henry. I bet you will love them!

More later, furriends!

A great Sunday from us to you =^.^=

40 thoughts on “Where are My Three Moggies?! Over there! Look!

  1. WE went and visited and will get back over there to visit again. Maybe they should put one of those widgets to sign up with the email thing. Love that picture. Take care.

  2. Yea Texas! I posted about my gift from the Moggies and made sure I had their link in the post about 3-4 times. So hope that, yours will help them get subscribers back. I had no problem following them over, did you? Of course, luvluvluv the photo

  3. Say Texas, that’s a great photo of you and “Little K” in the box together….AND it was a very nice thing to do reminding everyone about My Three Moggies – we found them but have had problems subscribing so Mom and I just try to visit often without getting notifications. We love their new site though!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  4. Thanks. We’ll go meet them.

    In response to your comment on Poppy Q’s Mousebreath interview, we have added an update to answer your question. No, it isn’t just you. Something unfortunate happened late last night and Poppy’s blog was deleted. (Not by Poppy.) We hope not permanently, but can only wait and hope, as we love her and her mom.

  5. Hi guys

    Thank you so much for this, however our site has crashed and a chance we have lost everything. We are investigating to find out what is going on with WordPress so will keep you posted. Again this means a lot just so gutted that peeps cannot get to us and we may have lost everything :-(

    Sent from my iPad

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