Wonderful Christmas ornaments for a good cause – with our names on the ornaments!!

[The awards post will come later today – I have something to show you first]

Did you know that our furriends Star and Leo, from Celestial Kitties, and their human, are running a Christmas Fundraiser for Winnie’s Wish?

WWchristmas fundraiser banner

Star’s and Leo’s human, Andrea, is making (herself! – it’s not my human who could do that!) beautiful Christmas ornaments, some of which can even be purrsonalized with our names!

Here are ours:


You can even ask for catnip inside. Since the humans won’t have a Christmas Tree (they are afraid we Kitshka will destroy it), the ornaments serve as toys for us. Yep. Ours have catnip.

For a donation of $15 you get three ornaments. Additional ornaments are $3 each.

Every dollar above postage and a very tiny materials amount goes to Winnie’s Wish! That’s about $12 a basic set! Winnie’s Wish is dedicated to rescuing abandoned or feral kitties and finding them great homes where they can be loved for the rest of their lives!

Go check the details here!

They were instantly successful with us. They are beautiful, smell sooooo good and make great pillows too!

Look at my reaction first!
[click on any picture to biggify]

Kitshka was first hesitant, but that didn’t last long!
[click on any picture to biggify]

Milou was a little shy because he’s not used to being featured on a blog…
[click on any picture to biggify]

Okay Milou. Thanks for this but the goal was to play with the ornament. Never mind.

As the nip guru, I of course had to try each and every ornament, to make sure the nip was extra great quality. It was.

What? I know it's Milou's!

What? I know it’s Milou’s!

Yes, I know it's Kitshka's!

Yes, I know it’s Kitshka’s!

I'm not stealing them I'm testing them!

I’m not stealing them I’m testing them!



You know what?

You know what?

I love this ornaments

I love these ornaments

Be sure to check the fundraiser.

35 thoughts on “Wonderful Christmas ornaments for a good cause – with our names on the ornaments!!

  1. Super ornaments Texas! What a great idea and thanks for telling us about them AND the great cause. Looks like Kitshka is discovering the wonderful world of nip thanks to your “example” !!!

    Merry Catmas!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  2. Aw, how cute (Sundae’s mom here). I love all the photos, especially the one of you, Texas, with your ears “laid back”, and the last one of you with your pillow ornament.
    I’m definitely going to order a set of these for Sundae. Shhhh……don’t tell her: it will be a surprise!

  3. Loving the photographs. Those look just fabulous. Wish life was going better this side so I could order tons. Hoping next year is a much better one and I can do so much more in terms of ordering all this great stuff from brilliant bloggers.

  4. Those look like such great ornaments. Are they going to make it on the tree. Guess not. Texas, so glad you tested them all to make sure they were OK. It seems they were. Love that last picture. Take care.

  5. Oh Yay!!! Looks like they were a hit! I LOVE those pictures! And using it as a pillow! Hadn’t thought about that, but how adorable!!! Thank you so much for doing this post and sharing your kitties experience with the ornaments/toys! Thank you for helping Winnie’s Wish this way!!

  6. What a fantastic post!!! You captured each one and their personality interacting with those nip ornaments! And Texas at the end, MOL x100!!! I wish I like nip, but I just flat out don’t care if I have it or not…sigh

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