Are you resolute enough with your human’s resolutions?

Are you resolute (VBP) enough with your human’s resolutions?

Just yesterday, I was commenting on Sparkle’s excellent (as always, may I add) post on her resolutions for her human: I had planned this present post for yesterday but… guess what? Yesterday’s post was supposed to be posted the day before yesterday but the day before yesterday, I posted nothing because my human claimed to have hurt herself while doing the house cleaning (how worse an excuse can we get from humans, really?!).

So if I have, for myself, one resolution for 2013, that would be to be more resolute in having my human stick to her resolutions. We have to keep an iron paw on this stuff, because you know, humans can’t really stick to their resolutions.

Note that this resolution for me is really forced on me because of my human. We kitties don’t need no education, er, resolution. Whatever. We are purrfect. On this, again, I salute Sparkle for reminding this to the humans.

So without further ado (VBP), here are my resolutions for my human:

  1. Wake up earlier to feed Kitshka: she won’t bother me because she’s hungry AND that will give you more time to work on my blog
  2. Organize, plan ahead and schedule… and stick to it! In order to help you, human, I have offered you – okay unearthed (VBP) from your library – a book that will help you:
  3. In order to remind you what’s really important, put a sticker on the cover of the book, like this:
  4. Click if you can't see the sticker

  5. Never run out of Greenies again – EVER.

Well, I think that’s a good start. I don’t want to ask too much because, you know, humans have their limits (and these limits are quite… limited).

Do you think I am asking too much? Are you asking more or less of your human?

25 thoughts on “Are you resolute enough with your human’s resolutions?

  1. OMC OMC OMC!! Our package arrived and it is AWESOME!!! Rumblemummy has taken photos of us with it, and even a couple of videos (that Hammy had to play with my toys too, but he knows they are MINE!)

    Thank you SO much, you can’t imagine how much we’re enjoying them! Rumblemummy LOVES the Strand bag – she’s always wanted to go there to see the books!

  2. Texas, me wanted to publish a list of resolutions for my Mommy, but she says since she transcribes most of my posts that a list of over 100 is NOT going to happen. I tried to negotiate, but she said she would only when the NHL Strike/Lockout is over.

  3. I told my Human that she should resolve to help me blog every day again this year but she just looked at me and rolled her eyes.

    I don’t really know what that means.

  4. Hi Texas….well it’s a great idea to make resolutions for our humans (!) but they NEVER follow them so I kinda gave up on that years ago. My humans are the type that have minds of their own….the best I can pawsibly do is “MANAGE” them….but getting them to stick to resolutions? NEVER! It’s tough living with humans sometimes!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  5. you are a hard task-master dear Texas, but I do get your point..we humans are not a purrfect as you pussies…I envy the fact that you can lie around all day , nothing to disturb you except the need to stand, strech, turn around and lie down again. Of course there is the time when ‘food; is calling..then you really become alive and attentive.
    Like you say you will need to keep an ‘iron-paw’ on your human’s resolutions but do bear in mind that humans make the same resolutions year after year after year and never ever get them resolved!

    Happy New Year dear pussies..lots of love from Kinky and Kitty pussies

  6. Texas, our expectations for our humans are pretty low. If they manage to feed us twice a day we think they are brilliant! We tend to dote on them far too much for minor accomplishments.That just might be the problem…

    Happy New Year to all of you :) Bonne Annee!!

    the critters in the cottage xo

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