Will I be Westchester Magazine’s 2013 Pet of the Year?

My Dear Furriends,

Do you think I am cute? I think I am. And so does my human. That’s the reason why she entered me in Westchester Magazine’s 3rd Annual Pet of the Year Contest. Since we live in Westchester County, NY, I am eligible (VBP).

If you answered yes to the above question, would you vote for me (here) purrlease?

Each person can only vote once. But we can encourage our furriends to vote for us.

What do you have to do? Here is what the voting page says:

Help us find the county’s most darling, precious, special pets to feature in our April 2013 Pet Section. Peruse our entrants here and rank any or all from 1 star (yuck, what is that thing?) to 5 stars (pet perfection!). At the end of the voting period (January 17, 2013), the editorial staff will select 10 of the top 20 rated pets to be photographed for the pet issue; one of the 10 will be our pet centerfold—meow!

So, you can go to the voting page and vote for one or several pawticipants. Here is a screen capture of my entry, for you to find it easily:

Hopefully, if you decide to vote for me, you will give me 5 stars (pet perfection).

Once you are done voting, scroll down to the bottom of the page, enter your email address (if you don’t want to subscribe to Westchester Magazine’s newsletters, you can untick all the boxes) and click “VOTE.” You will get a page listing who you voted for and how many stars you gave those you voted for.

That’s as simple as that!

So, would you vote for me if you think I’m cute? You have until January 17, that’s just a little more than a week.

In advance, a big THANK YOU to all those who will do! And to everyone, here’s some cuteness from me.

Click to biggify

Click to biggify

Click to biggify

121 thoughts on “Will I be Westchester Magazine’s 2013 Pet of the Year?

  1. dood…we just gived ewe 5 stars times de amount oh us plus de number oh pie rats that be docked at de south shore….best fishes two ewe…boy; there bee a lot oh dawgs in de contest huh !!!

  2. Texas what a cool comp! I hope you don’t mind I gave 2 stars to Bailey because well what a name and 2 stars to the turtle lady Napoleon because she gave me some great ideas for my turtles… But YOU my dear friend have got 5 stars from me! Hope you win! Bisous Bailey

  3. Mom thinks you’re darling. Course I feel like someone else in the house should also be in the contest. Hint Hint

    Nose kisses to that other someone

    • You mean Milou?
      Ah, you mean Kitshka! Well, yes, the human thought about it too, but she was afraid she was still a little too young to get into the star system…
      I see your Mom has good taste in kitties ;-)
      Thanks and purrs =^.^=

  4. Texas, Of COURSE we think you are cute–the cutest boy ever! (Well, except ME of course) We gave you 5 stars and we would have given you MORE if we coulda! Good luck, Buddy! (I can’t believe they let WOOFIES enter–as if!!)

  5. We just did our civic duty and voted! Of course we gave you 5 stars. We love to support our furriends and hope you win. There are a lot of animals there! You should get noms for a year for winning.

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