Kitshka Friday: Guess whose heart she (almost) won!

First of all, a big THANK YOU to everyone who voted for me for the Westchester Magazine contest! I am SO lucky to have you for Furriends! I will, of course, keep you posted (VBP) on the results.
(If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you might have missed this post ;-)


Secondly, my human was at Architects for Animals: Giving Shelter yesterday and I will post some pictures tomorrow. So come back tomorrow, please :-)


Now, I know that you are waiting for Little K, aka (VBP) Mademoiselle Kitshka’s pictures so, here they are! The pics are not great because my human used her iPhone for fear Kitshka would follow her if she went looking for a better camera.

What is Kitshka’s strategy to break into Milou’s heart? Naps.

This first two pictures were taken last September. This was Kitshka’s first nap with Milou. Milou wasn’t too pleased.

Since Milou was grumpy before Grumpy Cat was his idol, Kitshka tried a different approach. She tried to charm him by keeping a little distance.

Then nothing much happened. They played a little bit from time to time, he hissed a lot.

Then the other day, Kitshka tried her charms on Milou again. Starting with the second approach, first.

And then today…



See how my charm works marvels?

See how my charm works marvels?

Good morning, Milou!

Good morning, Milou!

Kitshka: Nothing like a good yawn to start the day!
Milou: Is she impersonating Celine Dion?

Kitshka: I think we should exercise a little. What do you think?
Milou: Hmpf

Kitshka: Too too too you toot*…
Milou: OMC! She’s impersonating the female human!

No! Don't go, Milou!

No! Don’t go, Milou!

Kitshka: Look! The human is taking pics of us!
Milou: I know that! Texas is going to make fun of me on his blog again!

Kithska: What if we ask the human to stop taking pics?

Kithska: What if we ask the human to stop taking pics?

Can you stop taking pics?

Can you stop taking pics?

Kitshka: I guess we’re done here then

* I thought I would share some of the humans’ French culture. Ahem. Dates back to when they were kids. The “too too you toot” link is the music of a French aerobics TV program. Check here. Humans, they are funny sometimes.

All this movement made me feel like napping…



50 thoughts on “Kitshka Friday: Guess whose heart she (almost) won!

  1. My human clicked on the link and now she can’t wait for her Zumba class tonight! She is insane. I definitely see progress with Milou, Kitshka – keep up the good work! I am looking forward to the Architects for Animals photos. My human was bummed she could not go… she would have had to travel all the way across country!

  2. Awww! The pictures remind of when Jake was a kitten. He used to follow and try to sleep with Magic, a cat long gone. She was very kind and tolerant of him. Now Hazel follows Jake around. He’s usually good about it but every once in a while he smacks her on the head just to keep the power.

  3. MOL what a great post. Little K is pawsome. I tried the same approach with big bro but he still hisses at me and doesn’t let me get too close to him when we nap. I wish Kitshka and I were sisters :(

  4. Kitshka, keep up the good work. Your persistence seems to be working like magic! :)

    It was so nice to meet you in person at the event in NYC. We can hardly wait to see your wrap-up post. We just put ours up this morning.

    Kevin (meowmeowmans) and Tracey

  5. Kitchka you are so incredibly adorable! And you certainly don’t take no for an answer!! heehee. We are certain Milou will be won over by you sooner than later!! :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  6. Now, really, how many photos did you get? I’d have had about 4GB with a session like that. I have to say Kitshka is one brave kitty–she knows she stand a good chance of a smack at any moment, yet she persists.

    • Well, since my human used her iPhone, because it was next to the bed and reaching for a bigger camera would have probably ruined the moment, not too much, but yes, she knows what you’re talking about ;-)
      And yes, little K is resilient (VBP)

  7. Oh Kitshka! You are the most adorable little girl ever and I can’t IMAGINE that Grumpy Boy will not be won over completely within a few more weeks. HE’LL be hunting for YOU at Naptime!

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