Crazy, mysterious things going on…

Have you read my furriend Savannah’s post yesterday? There have been crazy things going on at her place.

Isn’t it strange? I mean, human letters going crazy… hmm… I can’t say I like it lots. I’d rather have shrimps flying around, if you ask me.

So Savannah called me through her Fast Leopard Teleport Tunnel to ask me to help. Only it was about midnight at her place… which means about 3 am here.

I can’t say there have not been some strange things going on here too… Some furriends have noticed!

What is this secret page on my blog’s menu?… Katie Isabella and The Cool Cat Blog wrote their concern to me…

Also the other day, Kitshka came to me to show me a letter she had found! She had found a B!

Wait! I found much more letters, later!

But there were too many! What could that possibly mean?!

I think the best thing to do is to ask another furriend… Jet.

Yes. Let’s all meet at Jet’s place tomorrow!

44 thoughts on “Crazy, mysterious things going on…

  1. Stranger and stranger! It looks like a password is already entered on the secret page, but nothing happens if we enter it. We assume we are not supposed to see it or it won’t be a secret.

  2. Curiouser and curiouser! Letters flying around is a BIG concern….but I’m with you Texas – why couldn’t they be shrimps flying instead? Anyway, the SECRET PAGE is rather intriguing……perhaps we’ll find more out from Jet??

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  3. Hiya Texas…Savannah sent us over here to follow your mystery…Jetty is a very smart dawg so I hope he can help figure out your mystery…we’ll be following along to see what’s on your ‘secret page’ too

  4. purrhaps sum bodee spilled de beans…noe…we meen de alfabet soop…if ya knead sum spellin advice texas just let uz noe; coz we got A’s in skewl in spellin and lunch brake !!

  5. Well this is one big mystery CAn’t wait to go over to Jet’s tomorrow. What are all those letters doing flying all over the place. Can;t wait to find out. Take care.

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