There’s something wrong in this situation…


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63 thoughts on “There’s something wrong in this situation…

  1. Well “to each his own” I guess……Kitshka has plenty of room to stretch around and Texas is curled into a perfect circle in that little bed! All is well in the world…….!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  2. It looks to us that both of you are very comfy although, Texas it kind of looks like you are hanging out of that bed a little bit. We will try to think up some new words. We aren’t very good at that. Austin is the best.

  3. Those photos look just right, at least in our household. The big kitty in the smallest of beds and the littlest in the giant bed. It most be something steeped in the kitty brain. Most cats like to try to fit in the smallest spaces, be they be beds, boxes and even bags. Both of the babies look so cute in the beds glad you took the pictures. I need to keep my camera out more to get some of the cute things my 2 do in the course of the day.Hope you have a wonderful day!!

    • Hiya Becca,
      Thanks for visiting my bloggie and for commenting!
      Yes, our human takes pictures of us when we sleep. A little invasive, but well, if that makes her happy ;-)
      Now regarding the beds, the situation is now back to normal (check today’s post).
      Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Well it looks as though Texas is in Kitshka’s bed and Kitshka is in Texas’ bed which looks like the purrfect fit to us :) In any case, it looks like that here all the time…big bodies in little beds and little bodies in big beds :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  5. ewe knead ta use yur mom N dads bed texas….

    N we hafta sounds like sum dummeez…

    but when we post R post with R mew werds,

    due we post on yur veree furst post; de one dated yesterday ore wait til thursday again…

    say if we due a post ona monday.. we haz ta wait ta thursday when ewe haza VBP …..ta tell ewe bout it….rite……

    we izn’t even makin sense ta R selves now…. :) it bee de flounder :)

    hay, haza grate week oh end anymew !!

    • Oh yes, the humans’ bed… er, wait! Let me answer your question first. Ahem.

      You can link to your post using my (or Savvy’s or Jet’s) post, by clicking on the little blue creature at the end of the post. It’s running from Thursday to Wednesday. We are posting the link on Thursday and you can post until Wednesday (included).

      Let me know if you have other questions, I’ll have Kitshka check my messages while I test the humans’ bed!

      Thanks for pawticipating!


  6. Oh dear Cod, Texas. Now that, THAT is just a travesty. That little girl is just cruisin’ for a bruisin’ if you know what I mean. And I think you do.

  7. Texas, have you and K had a fight?! You’re not cuddling! Or is she acting like a dreadful teenager? Our human is still trying to figure out the word thing…we can tell you she’s not really swift at games, so we’re stuck waiting for her to get with it.

  8. It’s the catbeds that have me laughing! My husband laughed when I bought Foxie her first little bed. He made the comment that cats don’t sleep in beds! Right? Well, was he ever wrong…she LOVES it! But the really funny part is when she outgrew it (or so we thought). Bought a bigger bed. Guess where it is…yep! In the closet. She let us know right quick which bed she wanted…it does not matter if it is two sizes too small…it is her bed! Her first bed and probably her only bed :-)

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