Do you have questions for your humans? We do!

Yesterday, I was reading Daisy’s post at PetMeds Blog and I learned that today is National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day!

Needless to say, all three of us – Milou, Kitshka, and I – have questions for our humans! So there you go!


How come I cannot eat Texas’ and Kitshka’s yummiest food?
Because it makes you seriously sick, then I have to get you to the V-E-T and he performs outrageous things on your business end to fix you.

Why are you feeding me only 18 times a day when I’m hungry 28 times?
Because I actually have to work so I can afford your diet food among others, and get a little sleep (I don’t require 18h a day but still).

I’m hungry. Can I have food now?
You had food 10 minutes ago!


Can the birdies outside be invited inside the house?
No sweetie, they are meant to live outside. Inside, they could not fly.

How come I cannot eat Texas’ and Milou’s yummiest food?
Because you have your special kitten food, so that you can healthily grow into a beautiful Ladycat. Texas is currently on diet food* and Milou has a special urinary diet.

Why don’t you let the cream cheese on the table, ever?
I don’t want it to turn sour.**

Me, Texas

Why don’t you eat fresh shrimps more often?
Because we don’t want to eat shrimps everyday.

Why can’t we keep all the boxes you receive?
I know you love boxes, Texas. And there will always be boxes for you to play with. We cannot have boxes everywhere though. We, humans, live here too, you know (not in boxes though).

How come I cannot eat Milou’s yummiest food?
Because Milou has a special urinary diet, he cannot eat*** anything else, and this type of food is very high in calories.

* Texas: Human! You didn’t have to tell!
** Kitshka: Yeah, right. Just because I am a kitten doesn’t mean I am stupid. You just don’t want to share!
*** Milou: Speaking of eating…

41 thoughts on “Do you have questions for your humans? We do!

    • Milou has had urinary complications since I had him neutered (struvite). It’s gotten so bad at one point that he had to undergo serious surgery… Unfortunately for him and his gargantuan appetite, he is very sensitive to regular food, so he can only eat feline Hill’s C/D, which only comes in 2 flavors and costs an arm and a leg.

  1. Excellent work Texas and Company… presented your humans with some VERY good questions and while the answers often were not the ones you were hoping for, at least your humans LISTENED to you. Diet? Diet? That sounds like something I don’t want either…..By the way, glad to hear that you were reassured on the box issue – there WILL be more boxes coming for you – just not everywhere in the house!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  2. One thing we’ve learned from the C0WS in Texas is the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Seriously. Check out a pasture sometime and you can always see a COW with its head stuck through the fence trying to get to the more delicious grass on the other side. Maybe we all want what we can’t have?

  3. I think your human is making up some of those answers! I am wondering why my human has not answered any of MY questions – that is not in the spirit of the holiday!

  4. Liousha : oh, c’est scandaleux, vous ne pouvez pas choisir vos menus ni la fréquence des repas…
    Tiki : mais, c’est comme chez nous !!
    Liousha : ah vi, c’est un scandale chez nous aussi.
    Graous graous.

  5. Those are some mighty good questions. We have some just like those. Why can’t we have like a buffet, with the food available at all times??? Take care.

  6. Wowsers! How does your Mama keep all your fuds straight?! She must be very clever and organized! If it were us , we would trip our Mama up and steal each others’ food. We are naughty like that :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  7. very thoughtful questions. you may want to fact-check the answers, howevah. also, don’t let them get away with answering the question they WISHED you had asked, instead of the one you did ask. such as, “why don’t you feed me more?” needs a more honest answer, like: “because I am a cruel and heartless,” or, better yet: “because I am going to feed you more right now!” None of this, “because I have to work…” nonsense.

  8. Well that was just about the most inneresting post I ever read! Boy, those Humans sure are a drag. I think I am going to gather some questions for *MY* Human. Hmmmm……

  9. All such excellent questions. We asked mom why six of us caught the sneezy, weepy eye virus and the other two didn’t? She said because Lily is anti-social and Fiona is shy. We’re trying hard to make them sick too. After all, it’s only fair. Purrs and hugs, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette (Lily Olivia and Fiona too)

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