Review & Giveaway: In the Kitchen with Cookie & Compositions in Black and Green 2013 Calendars

We kitties do not need planners or calendars. But our humans do. Are your humans still looking for a 2013 calendar? Read on.

We were recently contacted by animal artist Bernadette Kazmarski, whose blog, The Creative Cat, I’m sure all of you know. If for some reason you don’t, I urge you to visit her website.

Bernadette is a multi-talented artist and an animal lover. My human and I enjoy the many ways she shares her passions on her website: from pictures of the members of her extended family of furry friends, to beautiful paintings, drawings, sketches of kitties (hers and others’), to beautifully written stories of rescued kitties, there is always something funny, moving, or inspiring (usually a combination of the three) to enjoy at her place on the Internet.

So we were thrilled and honored when she contacted us (really me, Texas) to ask if we would be interested in reviewing her 2013 calendars: In the Kitchen with Cookie & Compositions in Black and Green.

Compositions in Black and Green will be sure to meet your daily needs for mischievous kitty prowesses: playing in their human’s bathroom, offering their both cute and majestic mirror reflection to the artist’s camera. Each month offers wonderful and funny pictures of Bernadette’s five black cats in front of the white and green theme of the artist’s kitties’ bathroom.
Mimi, Mewsette, Jelly Bean, Mr. Sunshine and Giuseppe Basil Verdi will assuredly help you start each day of 2013 on the right paw. It will also help you see black cats in a whole new color.

In the Kitchen with Cookie will bring you an assistant chef in form of a calendar. When your name is Cookie, you make it a point to wear your colors (especially when they are tortoiseshell) proudly and that surely gives you a licence to spend more time than any kitty can dream of spending in the kitchen. This calendar is an adorably sweet (and savory) mix of beautiful pictures of Cookie and related (to Cookie’s postures) recipes from the artist. Evidently, Bernadette and Cookie formed a great team in the kitchen.
I tried to convince my human to try the cheesecake recipe (especially since Cookie seemed to require that kitties test the filling) but my human is on a diet too! She preciously kept the recipe though.

Both calendars allow for you to input important appointments and some notes. Yet they are small enough to fit in a hand bag if necessary. They both exist bound either on the top (as a wall calendar) or to the left (as a journal calendar). My human had a preference for the journal calendar, but it all depends how you expect to use it. Both versions of both calendars can be ordered here.

Bernadette has kindly offered to giveaway one copy of In the Kitchen with Cookie (wall calendar) and of Compositions in Black and Green (journal calendar).
To win a copy, please leave a comment telling us which calendar you prefer and why. Don’t forget to leave your email so I can contact you if you win. You have until Saturday, Jan. 26, 9.00 pm EST. A random drawing will give us the two winners, that I will announce on Sunday.

***Receiving a copy of the calendars did not influence this kitty’s or his human’s opinion.***

46 thoughts on “Review & Giveaway: In the Kitchen with Cookie & Compositions in Black and Green 2013 Calendars

  1. Well of COURSE we want “Compositions in Black and Green” and applaud her efforts to spotlight black kitties!!!

    We love supporting ANYONE who loves & supports black kitty adoption!

    Purrs to you guys!

  2. Pretty neat stuff! Pretty neat, indeed!!!

    You’ve just gotta come over and visit me on Nerissa’s Life today. I just published “Golden Globes… who needs ’em?” and there’s a special little somethin’ waitin’ for you over in that post.


  3. I think the idea of kitty calendars is fantastic. I prefer the journal calendar of Black and Green….I know what mischief fur babies can get into in bathrooms!!

  4. Black cat calendars! That would be so cool, but then, me LIKES to cook, so me would like the Cooking Calendar (and wes needs a calendar for the kitchen!)
    Yous is lucky Cats! Me thanks yous for sharing!

  5. Thanks for the wonderful review, Texas! We’re so proud of our human and think she did a fairly good job with our photos and with Cookie’s, but as with all humans there is probably room for improvement. We certainly hope more black cats are adopted because of our extreme beauty, and we can also tell you that the recipes are tasty and it’s fun to watch your human in the kitchen, and we still can’t figure out how Cookie got into all those bowls and pots and pans! ~Mimi and the Fantastic Four, speaking for our human

  6. Tutu would be interested to what other mischief she can get into in the bathroom. But Mommy says we don’t need another calendar so good luck to everyone who enters! :)

  7. Found your blog thanks to the lovely Caren at Cat Chat … I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the in the Kitchen with Cookie calendar ..but would be thrilled with either. GREAT blog you have here!!!

  8. Oh how awesome Texas! It’s hard to pick one, because they both look fabulous… but I really like the Compositions in Black and Green. Looks like it would be very helpful staying organized! My email is annstaub at yahoo dot com.

  9. Well they both look beautiful for different reasons. We like that the black cats are highlighted since we adore theses licorice beauties as Malou can vouch, but we do need a calendar in the kitchen…we still don’t have ANY 2013 calendars so we would love the In the KItchen with Cookie calendar :)

    the critters in the cottage and their very disorganized Mama xo

  10. If you’re having trouble getting to the “Calendars” on The Creative Cat on Wednesday evening, please be patient, the site needs to be moved and it’s not composing correctly…just check back later.

    Thanks again for all your wonderful comments!

  11. Ooh – that was a tough decision, but I think we’d like to win the “kitchen” calendar. (Motor Mommy’s kitty before me was black, and it might make her sad to have a calendar with black kitties…) Although she never cooks, so I don’t know why she’d want recipes….
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Love, Sundae

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  14. I would love Compositions in Black and Green!
    I like the way it looks, and we don’t have black kitties in the house yet! ;)
    Not to mention, it would help, keep me organized! We’ll never forget when to go to the vet!

  15. My husband and I would both enjoy the In the Kitchen with Cookie calendar. We are both senior citizens and love our kitty family.

  16. Oh my…I have followed Miss Bernadette since I started my blog…ummmm….sigh…I knew Cookie and Kelly…I know Kelly’s story…and I would truly treasure having one of Miss Bernadette ‘s calendars…and I want the one with Cookie. Ok, have to go now…too many leaky eyes…thank you Texas for making this possible…paw pats Savvy

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  18. I’ve been on a blogging break and just got back … hope I’m not too late to enter! I would love In the Kitchen with Cookie because that is where my cat(s) live ….just outside my kitchen door. We adopted a feral cat who wandered through our yard. He now has a house and toys on our patio and waits by the kitchen door every morning for me to fill his dishes with good food and drink. (along with several friends!) Cookie in the kitchen would be awesome! :) I’m highly allergic to cats, but love them fiercely. How awesome that these cats found my kitchen door!!

  19. I’d love the Kitties in Black and Green. Love black kitties. Had one until recently she went over the Rainbow Bridge. Husband got me a little diluted calico to help mend my broken heart. And she has helped, but there’s something about a black beauty.

  20. I can’t wait to see who wins! All your comments have been so wonderful–but I can tell you there is a certain group of black cats whose self-importance is getting out of hand, more than it usually is. Good luck everyone!~Bernadette

  21. Compositions in Black and Green looks awesome. It would be just the thing to keep track of all of the things that need to be done in a house full of animals. Yes, I know I’m late, but just sayin’. :)

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  23. Well done, Texas!

    I heart The Creative Cat. Love, love, love the illustrations and learning about the cat’s shenanigans.

    Too bad I’m too late for the contest. These days, I feel like I’m always too late for everything :(

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