VBP Thursday: Words spoke as loudly as action

Today is VBP (Vocab Building Project) Thursday!

What am I talking about? One cool, versatile (VBP), and funny blog hop for those who love to learn new words.

You can enter a new entry each week. The hosts, Jet, Savvy, and me post every Thursday but YOU, my furriends, can post anytime you want from Thursday to Wednesday each week, and then all you have to do is enter your permalink (VBP) to the collection of participants by clicking on the little blue badge at the bottom of our Thursday post. All the details can be found here.

Mark Twain is supposed to have said that

Action speaks louder than words but not nearly as often.

Well, our furriends did just that this past week: their posts (action) were loud as often as their words… if that makes any sense! (No I didn’t have nip. Yet.)

Here is this first week’s collection of pawticipants: 9 PAWTICIPANTS! (If I take away Savvy and I, as well as Spitty, which I believe said he mistakenly entered his post? Spitty, easy on the nip, pal)

Here they are (click on the image to visit the VBP post, on the name of the blog to visit their blog):

Bama from Shat Cast

Fenris from Alasandra, the Cats and Dogs

Ann from Pawsitively Pets

Loy from Yikes! Loy Turns 60

Easy from Easyrider

Misaki from The Misadventures of Misaki

Mollie and Alfie from Mollie and Alfie

Gizmo from Terrier Torrent

Dogs N Pawz (I am not sure about your name, furriends, sorry)

Isn’t that dazzling (VBP)? THANK YOU so much for your pawticipation!

Now, since I had to input each furriend one by one (because wordpress.com doesn’t allow script – whatever that means!), I think I need a little nap.

Before that I would just like to remind you that I have a giveaway for two pawsome 2013 created by The Creative Cat. Check it out here and don’t hesitate to pawticipate (wherever you are)!

We are looking forward to your next VBP entry! Purrs y’all!

[Blue badge I was talking about]

29 thoughts on “VBP Thursday: Words spoke as loudly as action

    • Thanks for joining! My human laughed at herself (she can) a lot when she read your post ;-) Also we are eager to see your new bloggy!

      The problem is that WP.com won’t allow a certain type of coding language – scrip – that is needed for the linky thingy to appear. Because script can potentially (VBP) be used for ill-intentioned (VBP) purposes, they won’t allow it, for someone could take down the entire system with it. Can you imagine all WP.com bloggies disappearing all of a sudden?
      On the other hand, if you self-host using the WP platform, you can use it. That’s why I may have a new bloggy soon, too!
      And no, my human doesn’t work for WP, why? ;-)


  1. Dear Texas, my humkan deserves to be fired! She has NOTS been very good about visiting or posting (she says she is sick) me is furry purrturbed that She’s did nots let yous guys know me was pawticipating!
    Well, me is and me wants yous to know me is looking for a new assistant – purrhaps Larry….

    • Awww… Miss Nellie, did you pawticipate last week and were not entered? For you are this week, and your post is scary funny… or is it funny scary?
      I know about humans. Sigh. Looks like they are all the same. My human has not helped me visit the past few days either. Sigh.
      Maybe we should for a club of kitties looking for efficient humans?

  2. Sounds like a fun endeavor! We will be sure to try to drop in on the participants.That is, if our lazy secretary can help us get there!! :p

    the critters in the cottage xo

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