40 thoughts on “Mondays are for memories: When I was the only kitty in the house

  1. Well Texas my friend, every multi-kitty household has to have a KING and you’re “IT” !! No matter what………around here, I have no competition so I don’t have to remember once being the only cat – I AM the only cat!!!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  2. Being the only kitty sounds lonely. Even my two cats don’t do a lot together but we feel better knowing they have each other if something cat comes up that they don’t want to share with us dogs or humans.

  3. I have never been the only kitty here – I was the third of us three. In fact, Binga has only been an only kitty once for a few days! So we have no experience at it.

  4. Oh Texas, you know you like your little sister. She is pretty darn cute and you look mighty comfy there on that bed. Can we come join you?? Have a great day.

  5. You know, I am starting not to like the way my Human squees and coos and talks the kind of baby talk she used to talk to ME when she looks at YOUR pictures.

    Just sayin’.

  6. I know you luvluvluv’d being only kitty…well, but you had Milou and Grouik, right? But you were the ONLY kitten…and now…Kitshka has that job…being cute is tough work Texas, and you know it! You were very cute, purrrrs, Savvy

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