Kitshka Friday: Lynkie Feltie Woolie…

Remember when I had won this fabulous toy that is the cat-a-pole?
Well, the prize also included some great toys from Moderncat (now, as well as litter (World’s best cat litter) and a lickety stick (but we’ll have a post about those last two tomorrow or on Sunday).

We really wanted to post pictures because we love these toys, AND I think it is the least we can do to say thank you. But that was a period when the human was super busy (huh-oh, looks like more busy-ness is to come) and we never did.

So here are some pictures… and a video of Kitshka!

[You can click on any picture to get a bigger version in the slideshow.]

My preference went to the ModKicker, which smelled good catnip! Kitshka and I both like the Felt Rollers, but Kitshka is playing with them more than I do. She is also having fun with the Junk Food Flyer but her favorite one, actually really one of her favorite toys EVER (she takes it everywhere in the house), is the Lynks Felted Wool Toy! She loves it!

So, we want to say THANK YOU to Zee & Zoey and Moderncat for the fun!

[If you cannot see the video on this blog, check it here]

36 thoughts on “Kitshka Friday: Lynkie Feltie Woolie…

    • Yes, they really are high quality toys and that’s why even though we’re super late (Kitshka grew up so much since then!) we wanted to post about them.

      P.S. from the human: they ARE super high quality considering Kitshka has been playing with her favorite toy for at least 3 months now and it is still in great shape ;-)

  1. Love that you guys are so playful:) The best toy my cat growing up had was one that she stole from my brother – a super ball. We came home to a mess that day – thought we had been robbed or something – ha! Happy Friday!

  2. well you already know…we all think Kitshka is a total “piece of work”…meaning…adorable! And thank Ceiling Cat Texas thinks so too! The toys look great, will check out to see if I might like one or two…I am so picky…sigh

  3. The Moderncat/Hauspanther toys are awesome! The human who thinks up these toys must be part cat! A couple of times I wasn’t sure if Kitshka was kicking that Lynks toy – or kicking herself in the head!

  4. Minnie Mouse says “I wishes I lived closer to come play….you both are so very preciously cute:) And awesome toys and fun you are having:)” “Kitty hugs and hugs from my Mommie too, HRCG:)”

  5. What super Photos of you and Kitshka, Texas…looks like “tons of fun” in that pile of new toys…….funny how we cats like little wool things – I had a favorite little “woolie” when I was little too! YAY!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  6. felted wool toys are teh BEST because they smell like little lambies. that’s why Kitshka killed it and killed it and killed it again and again!!! way to go Kitshka! (we really enjoyed that video!)

  7. How cool is that?!? We’ve never ever tried felted wool toys *glares meaningfully at Mommy* but hauspanther just sented us one of their felted puzzles, so – YAY! – we’ll get to see if we like felt too! If we do, we may hafta get mommy to ante up and get one of those roller thingies Kitshka likes so much!

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