VBP Thursday: A few days in the life of me

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Posts on my bloggie have been sparse (VBP) again; visiting my furriends’ bloggies has been barely possible. Truth is some things happened in the past 2 weeks that I want to tell you about.

About two weeks ago, on a Saturday morning, I regurgitated (VBP) my food twice or thrice (VBP). My human thought I might have caught a bug (!) or something and rushed me to the vet. Truth is my stomach and I were upset because an evil suitcase had appeared.

Anyway, the visit to the vet was quite a thing. The nice vet had a new assistant which I decided I didn’t like (remember there was the suitcase in my human’s bedroom). So I was not really nice. But I had nothing to do there! I wanted to go home and I wanted the suitcase to disappear!

The vet gave me some fluids and sent me home asking the humans… kitties, hold on to your scratching post… asking the humans not to give me food for 24 hours! 24 HOURS!! I thought I would starve! And I almost did.

The day after, on Sunday, the human gave me my first food in 24 hours of forced starvation… and she took her suitcase and left for 3 days to sunny California, the home of some of my furriends (Sparkle, Savvy, Spitty…) without asking if I wanted to come or send a message for them.

The human: Texas, I went there for work, I was in a delimited area in south Los Angeles, and I didn’t have much time even for myself!

Don’t bother reading the human’s excuses. Excuses, always excuses.

Then she came back on Wednesday morning, very early. I was very happy! Not an hour passed, she caught me, put me in my carrier and took me to a photo shoot!

The human: Texas, it was the Westchester Magazine photo shoot, remember? You asked your furriends to vote for you, and they did, and you were selected.
Texas: And because you have no time for me, I wasn’t yet able to tell them!
The human: We are telling them now.
Texas: Pfft. Back of disrespect. AND airplane ears (I think you like airplanes, don’t you?).

Anyway, it was kind of a dark place with some very bright spots, with HUGE lamps. It was kind of scary. And there were TWO pawpawrazzi! It lasted about 10 hours [The human: less than one actually], and there were dozens of dogs to force me to comply [The human: the next animal to be photographed was a dog, and arrived about 10 minutes before we left].

The human: Am I complaining that they took a picture of the two of us while I was just “fresh” out of the plane, which means not really ready for a photo shoot?
Texas: Who cares? I’m the star, am I not?
The human: You did behave like a little star, yes ;-) I couldn’t even take pictures of the photo shoot to show your furriends, because I had to run after you all the time. Not to mention the photograph had to take pics of you lying on the floor because you were hiding under the couch!
Texas: Hmpf.

I want to seize (VBP) this opportunity to thank again all my furriends who voted for me in the Westchester Magazine Pet of the Year Contest. I am one of the ten pets of the year and I will be featured in the March or April issue! More on this as soon as I have more news.

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49 thoughts on “VBP Thursday: A few days in the life of me

  1. conga ratz ta ya buddy on winnin de cover and centerfold ;) of de magazeen…hope ya spend yur cash prize money well, like on yur self, like on a wee tiny frigeratorz ya can HIDE sum place that onlee EWE noe bout sew next time they say …no foodz for texas, ya can be like…..yea….rite…..

    hope ewe iz feelin better……

    hope de vizshuz suitcase iz in de trash :)

  2. Oh Texas I am so sorry to hear that you were sick too! Maybe it was sympathy to MY being sick last week! I’m glad we are both doing better.

    That photo shoot sounds exciting – except the part about the dog. Don’t like them much. And congrats on your mag cover! We can say “we knew you when” now can’t we?

    BONKS my furriend!

    • I’m glad to know you are feeling better too, my sweet Selina!
      The humans worry so much!
      Yeah, the human claims there was just one dog but I KNOW there were more!
      Thanks for the congrats. I don’t know if little not-so-old me will be on the cover though :-/

  3. Oh Texas I hope your stomach isn’t upset anymore. 24 hours without food – that’s a bit thick. Was the new assistant looking like your mom’s suitcase? I’m glad you were selected from Westchester Magazine – it’s nice to know a really clebrity :o)

  4. South Los Angeles – was your human at the Convention Center – or even farther south than that? I think it is awesome that you got to be the star of a professional photo shoot! The best part is it does not matter how you behave because since you are the star, they have to cater to your every whim. Which I see they did.

  5. What exciting news. Can’t wait to see our copy of Westchester but not happy to hear about the Vet visit. Sending purrs. FYI our mobile and Vet 101 writer visits your area. I’d like to join the link but we do Vet 101 on Thursdays. Thoughts?

    • My human will have to check that vet but to be honest, the less I see a vet… ;-)
      You don’t have to join on Thursday. You can do your VBP post any day if you want to join, from Thursday to the following Wednesday! How cool is that?

  6. Poor kitty, that is terrrible! I think my kitties secretly enjoy it when mom is gone because us dogs are gone too and they get lots of attention from the neighbor kids that cat sit! Hope you are over the trauma!

    • Dash, my Furriend, this is a GREAT post!
      I added your linkie to the list. Don’t forget to add it by clicking on the Inlinkz bluey logo at the end of the Thursday post next time so that efurryone can see your link and visit your bloggie =^.^=

  7. Wow Texas…….you’ve had a real up and down time lately. Those suitcases are so annoying. I’m glad your human didn’t starve you for longer than 24 hours. We think the doctor people who tell our moms and dads to do that to us should not be allowed to practice being a doctor any longer. Glad you’re better and glad that you are becoming even more famous! Congrats!!!

  8. That sounds like a few trauma-inducing days…no food, Mom gone and then the photo shoot. But we can’t wait to see your photo. Congratulations. Hope you are feeling better. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  9. Wow I hope you are all better and the your person made up for leaving, taking you to the vets and stealing your blog to try and justify her rubbishness Don’t worry pal we have your back, and well done on putting up on a 10 hour photo shoot with other animals and dogs!!

  10. Texas, we are sorry that you are sick. Sure hope you are feeling better now. Your VPB words are very good. And glad you won t hat photo contest. Have a great day.

  11. Texas, it just goes to show that Humans are practically untrainable…your Mom left you when you could have been at the BRINK!!! We are excited to see your professional modeling shots…Felix is elebenty kinds of jealous cos he’s a HAM for the camera.

  12. Oh Texas, what a traumatic few weeks you’ve suffered!!! I hope that the next few are much easier to bare and certainly without further starvation!!! BUT, congratulations on your big photo shoot! Way cool!

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