Kitshka Friday: Kitshka vs. the Cat-a-pole / 1-0

That’s what’s left of it.

The pom-pom of the Cat-a-pole that is.

See the difference?

I am so proud of myself! I nom-ed it ’til the end!

I thought the female human would be proud to see my prowess when she woke up.

But she was not really pleased. That’s because of what was behind me. What was left of the pom-pom.

Shouldn’t I be proud? Now what I’d like to know is when the human is going to order a new one. She says I have to wait a bit because I destroyed it. I didn’t! I nom-ed it! That’s different!

Also, as evidenced by the pics above, the female human is not taking good pictures when just out of bed.

Also, the humans do keep the cat-a-pole in a closet but I had managed to grab the pom-pom and go hide it some place (I can’t tell where). That’s also why they were not pleased with my prowess, you see.

49 thoughts on “Kitshka Friday: Kitshka vs. the Cat-a-pole / 1-0

  1. Very well nommed there Kitshka. I think you did a wonderful job and were very clever to hide the pom pom bit. I don’t have a single cat toy in the house that looks any different to that. Partly is Sabre, who thinks toys should be treated like you do and then, of course, there’s the dog, who chews every cat toy in existence.

  2. That is funny! We always kept the cat pole in a closet too but our Z would stick her little paws under the door and drag it out. You did a fine nom job on that cat-a-pole and I agree, I believe there is a distinction between destroying it and giving it a nom! That is one sad picture on the floor.. :)

  3. Wow, you really killed it! Way to go! The picture of all the feathers across the floor made our head peep laugh and laugh.

    Our peeps used to keep the pole in the garage, but Newton kept rushing the door anytime anybody came in, looking to see if they had the pole with them. So now our pole is in a closet, too. A closet with a barred door. Can you believe that?

  4. Aww.. I would be proud you’re a hunter. My cats do destroy things.. err nom them and they are just practicing to protect their territory.. the house. Maybe if you shared that you were warming up to defend your territory she won’t be so mad. =^.^=

  5. Je suis morte de rire !!!
    J’ai l’impression que tu as passé un bon moment !
    Il n’était vraiment pas solide ce jouet !
    Vraiment tes maîtres devraient faire une réclamation au fabriquant !!!
    Purr purr purr

  6. Kitshka, we think you did a great job! Mom gets us all sorts of toys and we have them in a box. Well, she has them in a box and we love to take them out. It’s good exercise to get after all those toys! You should be proud!!!

  7. Wow! My Human is laughing and laughing but I am awestruck at your mad killing skills! This is a first-class job of deading something, Kitshka. Kudos!

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